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Let The Flavour Fiesta Begin, New Sauce And Bold Packaging Unveiled By CHIMILOVE

Ready for a culinary carnival? CHIMILOVE, the genie behind the liveliest, sassiest, South American-inspired plant-based sauces, reveals its latest taste sensation: Red Jalapeño & Chipotle Mayo. It’s a seductive blend of deep, smoky chipotle and sweet red peppers, combined with an exuberant injection of red jalapeños, for just the right amount of fiery bite. Dip, spoon, spread, mix, or simply slather it on a burger and sweet potato fries or spread over a lamb or vegan wrap. Whatever the choice, it turns every bite into a party.  

CHIMILOVE doesn’t just tantalise the taste buds; it's a visual feast too. The brand’s bold, cheerful new-look packaging means these jars are destined to be the life and soul of the dining table and the pantry, brightening up meals and shelves alike.

Gone are the days of bland and boring; A jar of CHIMILOVE is every cook’s ticket, no matter how unskilled, to instant kitchen kudos. It’s a secret weapon for adding excitement to meals, without spending hours at the countertop. From whipping up a quick supper after a long day at work, or trying to impress dinner guests, each jar in the range turns even the simplest dishes and everyday meals into memorable feasts.

The award-winning range caters to every taste preference, featuring everything from the gentle embrace of Chimichurri Mild to the exhilarating thrill of Chimichurri Hot, crowned with a 3-Star Great Taste award. The newly introduced Red Jalapeño & Chipotle Mayo slides seamlessly into the collection, joining the ranks of moderate heat marvels alongside Chimichurri Medium, sweet and peppery Green Jalapeño Mango Chutney and creamy, spicy Chimichurri & Mayo.  For those who crave the heat, the extra hot Red Pepper & Jalapeño Aji awaits, with its satisfyingly sizzling intensity. There is a burst of flavour in every jar. 

Each of the CHIMILOVE sauces is a love letter to the rich tapestry of South American cuisine, crafted from the freshest plant-based ingredients. They are as much for the eco-conscious and the health enthusiasts, as for the flavour seekers. We're talking vegan-friendly, keto-friendly, and preservative-free sauces that are as kind to the planet as they are delicious on the palate.

For those looking for a quick fix to transform daily cooking from routine to remarkable, then CHIMILOVE is the key ingredient. It turns every meal into a celebration, of flavour, colour and joy, effortlessly.


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