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London Cryo - Top things to do in London Summer 2018

Summer is here and each year people in the millions flood into London for days out or breaks away, whether your on your own, in a couple or bringing your family along too, we are got the best unique and usual things to try.

Our first is Cryotherapy and there is only one place in London you should get it done, thats London Cryo, Artillery Lane. Cryotherapy is the latest craze with football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo using the treatment at his home to London Cryo regular Calum Best all the celebs are using this new treatment.

We headed into London to meet the team at London Cryo and to see what the craze is really about. For those who don't know what Cryotherapy is (Pfft everyone knows), Cryotherapy tricks the body into “fight or flight mode”, triggering the release of epinephrine, endorphins and anti-inflammatory proteins. The body is not actually in hypothermia—but the brain thinks that it is. Blood rushes to the core, increasing metabolism and energy. It is also meant to provide Pain Relief in three minutes with no pills or potion. Its hands free and non invasive. (Taken from

So on Saturday 9th June, Editor in chief (I) Curtis headed down to London to meet the team and to try this new craze, something d never ever done before. When I arrived i was informed it would have to get to -130 Degrees before I could enter the chamber. You are then told to go an get changed, You wear your underwear and cotton socks and Gloves that are provided then you put the provided robe on to walk to the chamber. You are given plastic shows to wear in the chamber due to how cold it gets. Once

in the chamber you are told to take off the robe. The moment you step in the 3 minutes start.

As I stepped in I could instantly feel how cold it was, but it wasn't the usual coldness. With it seeming like dry ice it was more of a constant cold breeze, After 90 seconds I was asked to slowly turn round, When I turned my back to the door you could see the countdown and the hot points in your body. So the 3 minutes are up robe is back on and I step out of the chamber... At this point not feeling to different the coldest point was my elbows but I was filling relaxed and chilled (Literally).

After that I got dressed still not feeling much different, but my shoulder pain had eased. As the day went on I started being more energized and my body was more awake and my shoulder pain had gone.

I would defiantly recommend this to anyone who had any muscle pain this summer and even if you don't I would still advise as it gives you a boost and helps you stay fit and healthy.

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