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Mind Clutter

The 12 months has passed in a blink of an eye for many, but during that time we have all experienced an upheaval and a series of new routines to quickly adapt to. From home-schooling, working from home, lack of social contact, worries about the virus and plans cancelled.

  • Me time: It’s an old cliché, but a good one. Remember to make time for yourself, even if it is just a long bath, but even better to get out and do something you love. It will release endorphins which will lower stress levels – and may ignite a new routine

  • Sleep Routine: Being out of a routine means sleep is inevitable affected, which is a worry as sleep is the foundation on which we operate. If we have sleepless nights, we experience lower moods, stress, lack of concentration, yet if we’ve had a great night’s sleep, we feel we can take on the world. As hard as it may be stick to a sleep routine, going to bed and waking up at the same time. If you are struggling to sleep, try Dragonfly CBD oil. A few drops of DragonflyCBD as part of your daily sleep routine ticks all the boxes for helping you feel relaxed which also means better quality sleep that we need to fully restore our body and mins. DragonflyCBD oil has been shown to reduce conditioned fear[1] and anxiety[2],[3],[4],[5] and the World Health Organization has recognised that CBD may have the potential to help health issues such as insomnia and anxiety.[6],[7],[8],[9]

  • Thinking time: Take some time to yourself just to think about things. Things you would like to achieve, things you would like to change, things that are important to you. Make a list and write them down. Use this as the start of a plan, or use it to remind yourself when you get thrown back into the whirlwind

  • Connections: Keep connected with people. Have chats either on the phone or in person. As humans we need social contact, as we stray away from these it can be detrimental in terms of mood and stress. It also gives a chance to talk about any worries you may have.

  • Relaxation techniques: Though the day and evenings may be busy, taking 5 to 10 minutes out to use a relaxation technique such a meditation can help greatly. Just sitting quietly, taking deep breaths can help reset the day and give you the energy to tackle what lies ahead. Is also good to use this option when the day is getting frazzled. Often 10 minutes out gives a clearer perspective


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