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MOVE - The podcast that is influencing the next generation of business minds

Sweet brand Candy Kitten founders Ed Williams & Jamie Laing have launched a brand new podcast that is designed to get you inspired and help influence the next set of great leaders! The Podcast named MOVE which stands for, Motivation Opportunity Vision Entrepreneurship is a series which see the pair speak to people from all backgrounds of life who have created something for themselves. The Confectionary brand founders themselves have build their own business from the ground which has become the fast growing confectionary brand in the UK - Selling 12 every minute.

The podcast sees the The Forbes 30 under 30 list-makers speak to people who have created success for themselves from all over the country talk about the highs and lows of starting your own business. From Jo Malone (the founder of Jo Malone London) to Joe Grossman (the founder of Patty and bun) the pair welcome the guests onto the podcast for 60 minutes to give the entrepreneurs and chance to tell their story.

When taking about the future of the podcast we were

told 'We plan to build a community of movers. Launching with a podcast, MOVE will be supported by a full-service website that will feature extended interviews, editorial pieces, and other useful resources. Additionally, we will take our content offline by running quarterly summits for young students across the UK. Each summit will give our movers the chance to dive into the topics we cover, meet the guests of the podcast, workshop their ideas, and listen to live talks'.

Around 7.1 Million people are listening to podcasts in the UK now, thats 1 in every 8 people. A rise of 24% in the last year. (Ofcom) Proving that without a doubt podcasts are quickly becoming a popular source of entertainment for people and with this new podcast from the Made in Chelsea star and business entrepreneur its a great way to inspire people, and a way to give confidence ito people to believe in themselves to have the ability to be someone and create something for themselves.

When we asked MOVE podcast co-founder Jamie Laing about why he started the podcast he told us, 'Ed and I started MOVE because we wanted to encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs, founders and winners to go out there and achieve success because you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it'.

You can listen to the motivational podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Make sure you check out the full series now! And we have been told there will be a another series so make sure you catch up on the first series if you haven't been listening already!


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