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HM Visits: MY & SANNE

With lockdown over in the UK, it's time to get back out their with our friends, family and hey what the heck... even strangers and get eating and drinking in some of the finest establishments in the world. Of course some people have used the lockdown time to launch a business like the newley-opened Chelsea, London based restaurant MY & SANNE.

Nestled on Brompton Road MY & SANNE, just a stone’s throw from Harrods, is quickly becoming a favourite in the area. Offering up an array of delicious Mediterranean-inspired dishes in a stylish yet laid back setting.

MY & SANNE restaurant offers a Mediterranean-inspired menu, which draws on Greek, Italian and Asian flavours. Open from breakfast time to cocktail hour to the well earn 3 course dinner, the MY & SANNE menu shines with authentic produce and ingredients.

Upon lockdown easing we had the opportunity to visit the newly-opened establishment and upon entry we were just amazed with the incredible decor. So light, gives you that fresh summer feeling which i feel is certainly needed with the typical summer's the UK gets! Light Colours, mixed marble tables and wooden chairs, again all light colours. The thing that stands out right away is the trees and flowers which just keeps the place so vibrant looking and feeing!

The menu on offer is certainly fitting to the Mediterranean-inspired theme the restaurant claims to have. Not over loaded with dishes but featuring enough to cater for all. This includes the drinks options too. They have made their own house cocktails which like the venue is light and refreshing and well presented.

Our meal included a Charcuterie Board, Confit Chicken Croquettes and a main of Irish Dry Aged Rib Eye Steak with a side of Truffled French Fries with Parmesan. All with out a doubt freshly prepared and cooked. Full of incredible flavours, smells and presented to us fantastically well by the friendly and welcoming staff.

We would highly recommed visitng to MY & SANNE next time you are in the area. Certainly a place you could have an incredible meal at and enjoy the rest of your night with a few drinks with your friends.

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