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Never Quit: Gymbox Launches Hypnosis Class Guaranteed To Stop Those New Year's Quitting Jitters

  • Dubbed ‘Commitment Therapy’, GYMBOX’s new class uses the power of hypnotherapy to help gymgoers tackle their new year goals

  • Led by Holistic Hypnotherapist Hannah Apperley, the class is designed to help participants overcome obstacles and stay committed to their New Year's resolutions

  • Class follows research that suggests almost 80% of New Year's resolutions fail by February

After a heavy Christmas and New Year’s Eve, no doubt you’re feeling the pressure to meet that long list of New Year’s resolutions you’ve set. And you’re not alone. In fact, as many as 30 million Brits set out to make 2023 a happier, healthier year through their resolutions.

And while 58% of the population have entered the new year with a positive mental attitude, almost 80% are expected to have given up on some – if not all – of their resolutions by February.

Looking to break the cycle? GYMBOX has you covered, thanks to its latest class; Commitment Therapy.

In collaboration with Holistic Hypnotherapist Hannah Apperley, this innovative class combines the power of hypnotherapy with subconscious coaching to help participants stay committed to their goals this year, banishing resolution jitters to ensure no gym quitting

Guided by Apperley, participants will slip into a natural state of focused concentration, allowing the hypnotherapist to tap into the power of the subconscious mind. Commitment Therapy will see gymgoers use hypnosis to help them overcome any blocks or negative beliefs that may be hindering their progress towards their resolutions.

How the class will run

Commitment Therapy will be offered as a six-week course to turn quitters into go-getters. Set out as a relaxing, explorative class, each hourly session will start with a sharing circle, where attendees can discuss their goals and desires, as well as exploring any past experiences to cultivate comradery amongst the group.

With intentions set, Apperley will then move into the hypnosis stage of the class, lasting between 20 – 30 minutes. This will see participants taken through the four stages of hypnosis; induction, deepener, change work and ending. The ‘change work’ stage will be comprised of topics explored during the initial sharing circle phase to personalise for the group, maximising the hypnosis’ effect.

Post-hypnosis, attendees can expect to discuss the individual actions they can each take over the following week to meet their goals ahead of the following session.

While it’s recommended you attend all six classes as part of the course to maximise its effects, GYMBOX gymgoers are able to drop into classes as they suit.

Can hypnosis really cure resolution jitters?

While some may be sceptical when it comes to hypnosis, studies have shown its true efficacy, with one study showing a 93% success rate after six hypnotherapy sessions.

“Hypnosis works through inducing the Theta Brainwave State, the same to that of a toddler. This is done by using suggestive and relaxing language to ‘lift’ the critical faculty part of the mind and enter a consciously meditative statesays Apperley, “Once in this state, we can begin the 'change work' and 'upgrade the operating system' of our lives."

"With Hypnotherapy results can be expected as soon as the first week, as with hypnosis you can create an urge to make changes within you subconsciously. Improvements may also be noticed in other areas of your life, as the subconscious mind dictates 95% of your day. It is very delicate work and it's important that you trust your Hypnotherapist."

On the latest class launch Marc Diaper, CEO of GYMBOX, said; "Every year we enter optimistic that we’ll make the positive changes we crave. But more often than not, we go too far, causing us to give up early on in the year.

Commitment Therapy is a game-changing way for people to stay focused and motivated as they work towards their resolutions. We are confident that it will be a popular addition to our gym class line-up and help our members achieve their goals in the new year."

Commitment Therapy will be offered from 1st February on Mondays, 7:30pm at GYMBOX and Wednesdays, 7:00pm at GYMBOX Victoria. Members can sign up for the class through the GYMBOX site or at their local gym.

Don't let your resolutions fall by the wayside this year. Join GYMBOX to commit to your goals. For more information or to find a GYMBOX location near you, visit


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