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New Japanese blend to quench your thirsty skin

Experience the very latest novel skin secret

Fancy an uber moisturising treat for your body that leaves you feeling magical and ageless? We have all heard about hyaluronic acid (HA) but now it’s time to try Super Hyaluronic Acid. Fresh from Japan, Hado Labo Tokyo’s Deep Moisturising & Smoothing Body Essence-In-Milk contains an exclusive signature blend of three different types of hyaluronic acids, including Super Hyaluronic Acid. All carefully wrapped within a novel, skin science formula, the different types of Hyaluronic Acid work in synergy to saturate the skin with hydration throughout the layers.

The Japanese beauty philosophy is rooted in the idea that skincare products should work in harmony with the skin. Inspired by this philosophy, Hado Labo Tokyo’s moisturising products incorporate purity and minimalism, with quality ingredients and no unnecessary extras which could overwhelm the skin.



In Hado Labo Tokyo’s Super Hyaluronic Acid, the first ingredient is a short chain hyaluronic acid plus (HA+). The miniscule smart molecules penetrate deep into the skin where it attracts water to provide double the hydration of regular hyaluronic acid.


Next is micro-HA, which is built of longer disaccharide chains. This moisturising ingredient penetrates inside the skin and binds water to fill it from within. It provides hydration to different layers of the skin and visibly smooths its surface by plumping the skin from within.


Finally, the last HA component is the long-chain macro-HA, which forms a hyaluronic matrix on the surface of the skin, creating a Lock-in-Moist which prevents water from evaporating.

Together, this unique blend makes Hado Labo Tokyo’s Deeply Moisturising & Smoothing Body Essence-In-Milk an exceptionally powerful moisturising body essence of light, milky consistency. It is non-greasy and quickly absorbed, leaving the skin radiant, moist, plumped, firm, smoothed and wonderfully nourished.

Make-up artist and skin expert, Gina Akers says, “Many women invest a lot of time, effort and money into to trying to make their face look as good as possible, especially as they start to get a little older. However, neglecting the rest of your skin can be a huge mistake. If your arms, legs, neck, body are looking dull, dehydrated, dry and tired, it undermines your appearance overall and may be unfairly ageing. Plus, we are all very good at hiding our skin behind clothes, often leaving little TLC time to look after our largest body organ.

“A few minutes every day using Hado Labo Tokyo’s Deeply Moisturising & Smoothing Body Essence-In-Milk can help your skin look smoothed, beaming and beautifully fresh. And what I love about this product for me, is that when you use the Moisturising & Smoothing Body Essence-In-Milk, it leaves your skin and yourself, feeling magical, time-less, nourished and loved inside out.”