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New Year Resolutions? Relax: The World’s Easiest Workout Is In Town

Gymbox launches the World’s Easiest Workout and Manifest; new ways to achieve your 2024 goals 

  • Gymgoers can take part in innovative new classes that aim to break a sweat while barely moving a muscle

  • From voice activation and guided visualisation to breath work in a sauna blanket, the World’s Easiest Workout and Manifest offer a holistic approach to new year resolutions 

  • New classes have been developed so there’s something for everyone, from the fitness fanatic looking to build out their workouts to the newbie trying classes for the first time

With January traditionally being the month of “go hard or go home”, disruptive gym brand Gymbox is going against the grain by offering two new holistic, wellness-based classes to start the new year; the “World's Easiest Workout” and “Manifest”.

World’s Easiest Workout 

As the name suggests, World’s Easiest Workout focuses heavily on relaxation – but that doesn’t mean you won’t break a sweat. As part of Gymbox’s SWEAT category, the innovative class takes place with gymgoers enveloped in a Higher Dose sauna blanket, reaching temperatures of up to 70°C while participating in a range of breathwork, body scanning and meditation based exercises.

Following a warm up of light physical movement to get the blood pumping, the class kicks off with breathwork interval training as you enter your sauna blanket, with the aim of heating the body both inside and out. As the heat rises, you are next taken through body scanning, a technique that will see you become aware of your mind-muscle connection as you focus on every sensation. This stage will also allow you to squeeze and release tension, one body part at a time – perfect for letting go of any negative energy built up over the festive period.

To finish, you’ll need to beat the heat as your blanket reaches its maximum temperature. This stage is all about mentally overcoming the intense heat and releasing everything in the class – turns out there is power in doing nothing.

Sauna blankets offer many benefits, such as improved cardiac health, better circulation, lower blood pressure and reduced stress. And with the average user’s heart rate rising up to 120 to 150 bpm, it’s technically a workout too. If that wasn’t enough to get you wrapped up, it turns out a 30-minute session in an infrared sauna blanket can burn as many as 400-600 calories; about the same as a 60 minute spin class. Whilst it may be minimum energy, the World’s Easiest Workout has maximum impact.

This class is perfect for fitness fanatics who want to incorporate a restorative session/heat therapy into their routine as well as gym newbies who want to ease their way into classes/new gym membership.


With more than 14 million of us setting New Year resolutions last year, January is still the perfect time to set yourself new goals. However, it’s all too easy to jump into the deep end, setting ambitious targets with no real understanding of how best to achieve them. Enter Gymbox’s latest class, Manifest, designed to make those resolutions stick and create a better you in 2024.

Manifest is a transformative session combining voice activation, meditation, guided visualisation and mirror work to build a new sense of confidence, self-belief and focus. This upcoming class, inspired by Gymbox’s popular Commitment Therapy class, aims to help you start the year with defined goals and a resolute, concentrated mindset.

Split over three key sections and designed to connect our goals to our actions by stimulating the brain’s neuroplasticity, Manifest begins with voice activation - clearing suppressed emotional pathways by making noise - whether that be humming, laughing, shouting or even making primal noises. 

You are then led on a journey of guided visualisation, focusing on what you want for your life, how you see your higher self and looking at the next version of who you can be. As you visualise your new self, you’ll envision writing strong affirmations over and over.

To finish the class, you’ll be taken through guided mirror work, coming face to face with your future self in the present moment. This will see you ‘meet’ yourself all over again before writing on the Gymbox mirrors the affirmations you developed during your guided visualisation.

Manifest offers a unique opportunity for gymgoers to reflect on the past, present and future of personal growth, creating a haven to dream big and visualise their 2024.

Rory McEntee, Brand and Marketing Director at Gymbox said: “January is a great time to set personal goals and to dream of hitting PRs – but you don’t always need to go harder, better, faster, or even stronger…

Often, the slower, more holistic approach to achieving your targets can be beneficial in the long term, and you can still get that post workout glow without feeling exhausted. The World’s Easiest Workout and Manifest offer members the chance to take a moment for themselves, relax, and visualise the person they aspire to be in 2024.” 

World’s Easiest Workout is available now at Gymbox Ealing, Elephant & Castle and Victoria. Manifest is available now at Gymbox Elephant and Castle, Holborn, Old Street, Westfield Stratford and Victoria. Head to to find out more.