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No Ifs Just Butts: Gymbox Launches New Booty-building Workout Class

  • Disruptive gym chain launches the perfect ass-kicking workout with serious booty-building results

  • ‘Monkey Feet’ uses innovative equipment inspired by our primate pals for ultimate glute activation and lower body sculpting

  • Available at Gymbox locations in Bank, Ealing, Elephant & Castle, Farringdon, Westfield and Victoria from 25th March 2024

Get ready to take leg day to a whole new level with Gymbox's latest class, 'Monkey Feet'. Meticulously designed to target your quads, hamstrings, and glutes by lifting weights with just your feet in true monkey style, the class engages core strength, balance, and endurance for a comprehensive full-body burn.

The new class unlocks the secrets to achieving that toned, sculpted booty you've been dreaming of with no more wasting time transitioning between multiple machines - just strap in and get straight to working towards that bootylicious goal. You’ll never want to skip leg day again.

In a reps-based routine, Gymbox’s pro trainers will take members through a simple yet savage workout that will see them supersetting compound barbell lifts with specialised Monkey Feet equipment that allows participants to strap weights to their ankles with ease, helping them to build and shape glutes with laser-focused intensity. 

Class Breakdown

  • Warm up: 6 minute lower body warm up composed of Russian baby makers, lateral banded walks and alternating deficit lunges.

  • Conditioning phase: 25 minute conditioning phase wearing weighted Monkey Feet dumbbell holders to increase lower body hypertrophy. With their Monkey Feet strapped on, attendees will then complete a series of squats, lunges, deadlifts and hip thrusts.

  • Cool down: 5 minute cool-down segment dedicated to passive full-body stretches, ensuring proper recovery after the intense lower-body workout.

The Monkey Feet exercises in the class are unilateral, performed with a single leg, which is excellent for evening out imbalances in lower body strength and improving mind-muscle connection. With Gymbox's latest class launching this spring and utilising these innovative exercises, members can expect to start seeing results ahead of the summer months, perfect for showing off that newly rounded peach.

But the benefits don't stop there. This full-leg workout boosts stability and knee strength, thanks to targeting hip flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, and rotation.

Produced exclusively by Animal House Fitness and recommended by physiotherapists and trainers, Monkey Feet dumbbell holders offer a safe and effective way to level up your leg day game. Gymbox, the only gym in London utilising this innovative equipment for group exercise, gives you the unique opportunity to experience a lower body workout unlike any other, ensuring that you'll never skip leg day again after trying Monkey Feet.

Hannah Curtis Nunn, Group Fitness Director at Gymbox says, “We're always looking to push the boundaries to deliver innovative and effective workouts that help our members achieve their fitness goals. 

“Our expert trainers have crafted a high-intensity routine that combines this specialised equipment with compound barbell lifts for a lower body challenge. 'Monkey Feet' is a game-changer for anyone looking to build strength, sculpt lean muscle, and take their leg day to new heights.”

Class Timetable





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Natalia Kotowska




Mikey Herrera

Elephant & Castle



Caroline Riley




Bianca Pegrume




Meya Norberg

Westfield Stratford



Alison Vella




Bella Gatacre