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Oat Milk Club - Ethical Vegan Clothing

Over the last decade we have seen a signifcant rise in the conciousness of customers when it comes to buying goods from their soaps they use to the food they eat and another important aspect of their life too... fashion! Whether you love fashion or not clothes are apart of our daily lives, every mornign you get up and put them on, then at night time you take them off to put different clothes on to sleep in, we are always wearing them, so why aren't we working to make sure we are purchasing them from brands who are ethically concious? Fashion brand Oat Milk Club are helping to change this exact problem.

Being ethically concious isnt just about making sure it comes from a production line where people get a fair price - it's part of it just just the very start of it. As Oat Milk Club are keen to point out its also about 'what we buy and how all our actions impact our world'. From plastic usage reduction to using organiccombed cotton which means it's made from natural seeds and making sure it's not made in those sweatshop factories, never tested on animals, any prints must be water based inks and of course making sure the product is 100% vegan. And there is still so much more brands can do but as Oat Milk club are very keen to point out its the least we can do.

Speaking to the founder of Oat Milk club as to why they created a brand which is ethically concious they told us, 'We believe that in today's world, it is essential to pay attention to what we eat, what we buy and how all our actions impact our world. That is why we decided to raise awareness around these important topics by having it flagged on clothes'. Whether it's animal cruelty, plastic consumption or veganism, all our designs share an important message with a cute dose of humour'. And fortunatley this is the way the world is turning. We are becoming more concious of how we are treating the planet and our lifestyles so when you have brands like Oat Milk Club already at the level they are it's a reassurance that, this is the future and not just for fashion.

The brand stocks a wide range of products over at their online store including; T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Kids clothing and various accessories. All of which are super style garments which a cheeky twist. Just because they are serious with there mission doesnt mean they have to be with their designs and you'll be able to see with their playful creations.

You can shop the full range from Oat Milk Club now over at now!