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HM Visits: Omid Djalili

With Covid preventing many theatre shows, music performances and comedian's from performaning for many months it's great this festive season we are able to head out back in London or to your local theatres to watch some of our favourite shows again... if covid doesn't close the show for you. We were lucky enough this didn't happen to us when we visited the Eventim Apollo to watch World-famous comedian Omid Djalili.

Like many people who were at the show, it was one of our first Comedy shows since the Covid pandemic has closed them down back in March 2020 so without knowledge of this Omid Djalili had a lot to live up to.

The Eventim (Hammersmith) Apollo can hold over 5000 people and it was great to see way over half of the venue was filled up with people who were not put off and were wanting to leave all their troubles at the door and experience happiness. Everyone always has worries and troubles so shows like this is all about forgetting about it all, being just you listening to jokes and laughing uncontrollably.

Omid Djalili, without a doubt gave people the show they came for. Often referencing 'cancel culture' it was fanatastic to see he wasn't afraid of this and he was being the comedian he is and the comedian the people cam to see. Famous for many reasons including his film career, it's clear to see Omid has a huge Iranian fan base in London, something he wasn't afraid to speak about and even joke about. Everyone knew it was all in jest and it was just fantastic to to listen to jokes and stories like the ones Omid was telling without fear of, as Omid said - ' Being Cancelled'.

His Good Times tour continues into 2022 and if Covid doesn't prevent you, you should certainly get yourself some tickets. Without giving too much away its not just a comedy show its a dance performance too... You'll have to get tickets to get that reference but you won't be disappointed.

You can get yourself tickets to the 'Good Times Tour' over at I promise you wont be dissappoint and Omid Wont get cancelled...

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