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Period Protocol: New Book Helps Any Woman End Heavy Bleeding & Period Pain

They really do collect statistics on everything, including the annual cost of sick days taken as a result of intense period pains and heavy bleeding. Over five million sick days are taken each year as a result, costing the economy an astonishing £531M.

But natural health researcher Helen Nachintu has developed a 100% natural solution any woman can use to reduce her flow and pain, and hopefully end the epidemic that period pains are inflicting on the nation as a whole. In her new book, ‘Period Protocol: Lets Stop The Pain And End The Silence’, Nachintu reveals all.


The book that every woman in the world should be reading. The Period Protocol offers a natural solution that will help you balance your periods, and live a pain free life by reducing your blood flow and the number of days that you spend on your period. Every person that has tried this protocol has experienced the most amazing results within days, and weeks of starting the protocol.

“One in five women experience heavy periods, but 73% admit lying to their bosses when it causes them to take time off sick from work,” explains the author. “In fact, half of those women admitted they’d rather tell their bosses they were suffering from diarrhoea! And most women don’t even know how dangerous heavy periods can be. The associated medical condition, Menorrhagia, can have a number of profound physical and mental impacts. Nine out of ten women admit to regularly bleeding through their clothing which, aside from not being a good thing to do in the office, proves that we’re dealing with a global crisis few are even aware of.”

Continuing, “I’ve spent the past two decades helping people seek natural solutions to health problems, and I was initially inspired by my grandmother and the remedies she created from medicinal herbs found in our Ugandan village. This book is an extension of that passion, and I urge every woman to pick up a copy and embark on a new life where periods are the least of their worries.”

‘Period Protocol: Lets Stop The Pain And End The Silence’ is available now:

Visit the author’s official website:

About the author, in her own words:

Hi, I'm Helen Nachintu AKA "Nachi".

I've been a natural health researcher for over 20 years, and it all begun with my grandmother introducing me to medicinal herbs in our Ugandan village, followed by a number of my own personal health crises, which inspired me to start a website where I could share my knowledge and experience of natural health remedies and treatments, including detox protocols and nutritious food and juice recipes.

After working in several major hospitals around Manchester, and advancing my studies in Natural Health, I now work remotely, often helping people that are seeking solutions for natural health and wellness, with a particular emphasis on harnessing the power of natural food and herbs, in order to live a healthier and pain free lifestyle.

The type of guidance I offer to my clients includes how to use natural and holistic methods to help eradicate common disease, illness, subconscious emotional sabotage, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

I also work with Akashic Records, and past life healing.

The overall service that I offer to my clients is aimed at helping them to achieve a balanced mind, body, & soul. I offer a FREE 10 minutes video consultation, over Zoom, Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp.


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