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PMS taking up more time that it should be?

Research by Yoppie, has revealed that 79% of UK women lose between 1-7+ days a month due to not feeling themselves during their menstrual cycle.

As women, we know that ‘having a period’ isn’t just limited to the days we actually bleed. In fact, for a lot of us, the lead up to our period can sometimes be the more challenging time as our breasts become tender, the fatigue kicks in and our pre-period cramps are giving us a taste of what we have to come over the following days.

With this in mind, Yoppie wanted to find out just how much of an impact our menstrual cycle has and ultimately how it impacts our daily lives.

Yoppie’s research shows that 11% of women don’t feel themselves due to their cycle for just one day a month, while for a quarter (25%) of those surveyed this climbs to 2-3 days.

A further 17% stated they lose between 3-5 days per month, while a further 11% lose between 6-7 days and as many as 15% of women lose over a week.

Given these statistics, it’s hardly surprising that 58% of women felt that their cycle impacts their lives both from a personal and professional standpoint. A further 25% of the women stated that their cycle had the biggest impact on their professional lives, while for others the biggest impact was on their social (11%) and family lives (6%).

It may be surprising that with a quarter of the women questioned stating that their work-life was negatively affected by their cycle, only 32% said their workplace had a period policy in place allowing them to work from home during their monthlies if needed.

It’s not just women who could benefit from a more widespread implementation of workplace period policy. 58% said that if they did benefit from one, it would allow them to be more productive on their period.

Founder of Yoppie, Daniella Peri, commented:

“There is a pretty widespread belief that women use their menstrual cycle as a get out of jail free card when it comes to work and this simply isn’t true. PMS symptoms differ drastically from one woman to the next and in some cases, they can be very severe.

So the vast majority of women will feel off their A-game for at least a short period of time each month and this time lost impacts them in all areas of life.

However, it can often have the biggest impact on their professional life as they are expected to maintain a certain standard whether that be based on appearance, productivity or both. When the cramps are kicking in, you feel bloated and often unwell, the last thing you want to do is put on a suit and head into the office, but many women do it month in, month out.

We would like to see greater availability of period policies within the workplace and would call on businesses without one to give it some serious thought. If the current landscape has taught us anything, it’s that remote working can work and so why shouldn’t we embrace this when it’s needed rather than when it’s forced upon us due to a pandemic. For those who are unsure on how to go about tackling the issue, we’re on hand and ready to provide expert advice based on medical research.”

Take the stress out of PMS with Yoppie’s symptom targeting supplements

Yoppie wanted to take the complexity and stress out of tackling PMS, so they created three specific supplements that individually target the most common symptoms women experience. By doing so, women can better tailor their approach to dealing with PMS, targeting the areas they suffer from most, rather than opting for generic multivitamins.

Mood Food: the supplement that helps alleviate the emotional symptoms of PMS: mood swings, irritability and anxious feelings.

Super Soother: the supplement that helps alleviate the physical symptoms of PMS: cramps, headaches and breast tenderness.

Hormone Hero: the supplement that helps alleviate the hormonal symptoms of PMS: bloating, digestive issues and fatigue.

Each supplement comes in three different sizes (21, 28 or 35 days) to allow women to sync their supplement intake to their cycle and can be safely taken together if needed, or alongside other supplements. They can also be combined with other PMS attack plans such as exercise routines and self-care to help boost PMS relief.

Just like Yoppie’s organic period care products, they can be delivered through your letterbox on a subscription basis so you never have to worry about running out just when you need them most, plus it makes creating the habit of supplement intake a whole lot easier.

Survey of 1,494 UK women aged 19-54 carried out by Yoppie via Find Out Now (10th March 2021).