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Become Prestigio

With the goal to offer high quality leather goods and accessories for professionals in any field, Prestigio owner Kim Leung is rapidly heading in that direction. Since launching the brand in July 2017, Prestige has grown increasingly popular across America and now is about too take on the UK market.

They wanted to come away from the standard chrome tanned leather goods and decided to work with vegetable tanned leather goods purely because they know there pieces would last for many more years and by doing this they had to create a 'TimeLess' design.

Kam created this brand to help bridge the gap between luxury affordable items and practical affordability, in the leather bags and accessories market, after finding Highly expensive and inexpensive leather goods.

We then spoke about the difference in vegetable and chrome tanned leather goods. Leung told me 'We found that chrome tanned leather goods dominate the inexpensive sector of the leather bag and accessories market and vegetable tanned leather dominated the more expensive 'Luxury' end of the market'. I then asked whats the difference between the two type's. 'Leather tanning has been around for centuries; before advanced technology was created the only way to process leather for crafting was through soaking raw hides in a mix of natural materials containing tannins derived from different species of tree bark and other plant raw materials. This process has been refined throughout the years and to this day, still takes about 45-60 days for a raw hide to be vegetable tanned. Though time consuming, the process naturally cures the leather and the resulting tanned leather will last a lifetime and age with grace. The quality is undeniable with its rich, sweet earthy smell that leather aficionados appreciate. Chrome tanning, on the other hand, is the process in which a chemical mixture is added to the leather hides, in a similar fashion to vegetable tanning, where the major difference is its processing time. A chrome tanned piece of leather only takes 1-3 days to tan, depending on batch size, in comparison to the 45-60 days it takes for vegetable tanning. Due to the highly efficient processing time and bulk production capabilities, over 80% of the leather produced in the world is chrome

tanned to sustain high demands and affordability. Since the process is chemically induced, the leather does lose its luster and you’ll notice significantly quality changes in a matter of years – depending on the frequency of use. With quicker processing times, the production cost is significantly lower which translates to cheaper price points for chrome tanned leather goods.'

We then moved on to speak about the upcoming collections after such a great launch collection, stylish and clean, I wanted to know whether or not this would be continued in the new collections. Kim told me 'We are currently working on a collection of lightweight carrying portfolios that are tablet and laptop friendly. We’ve created some prototypes we’re currently refining and are sampling different types of leather embossing and finishes. We are working hard to bring this collection on in the later part of 2018 and a very excited about the concepts we have so far.'

With the mission to supply quality leather pieces, without the luxury mark up, inspiring confidence in everyone's journey to success. And the incredibly professional designs I can only see sales going up for prestigio. The brand know what it is and where it wants to go. If they stay focused on updating there styles as times change they will be around of many more years to come!

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