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Pure Yeva

Brands being more than just a product to their customers is on the rise. Choosing a brand is a lifestyle choice these days because there are so many out there, it means you get to choose one you love and that fits YOU. This is great right? Well maybe not for everyone as sometimes you don't know where to turn. Well theres one brand you should be paying attention to, a Women's healthcare brand that does more than just help get you by.

Pure Yeva is a Women's healthcare brand founded by USA entrepreneur Kevin Thomas. In 2018 Kevin launched the brand as he approached retirement, launching Pure Yeva to the world. 'Yeva means “life to live” or "life-enhancing" ', and this is what Kevin wanted to get across to people in his product. Speaking about naming the brand and what the brand stands for Kevin says, 'Our brand name means pure-life-to-live and symbolizes one of our core values: choosing with the intention to live in the NOW moment. Being aware of the small details and the simple things in life is the key to our magnificent journey on Mother Earth.' And when you get to know about the brand and it's products you can see these values run through the heart of it.

Kevin's background was something completely different to skincare, formally he worked with abandoned, abused and neglected children of Clark County of Las Vegas, Nevada. When you take a moment to think about it you can draw some connections to the type of people Kevin would've helped and the impact he wants his brand to have. Its that sense of help that sense of community and spirit and to acknowledge how precious life it to be living in pain and discomfort.

It was in 2018 Kevin Thomas went on his entrepreneurial adventure by launching Pure Yeva just as he was about to retire, looking for a new place to call home he turned to the Caribbean recalling the stunning landscapes. There was one thing playing on his mind, the way women in these regions were dealing with the discomfit and stress from their menstrual cycles. He recalled visiting the Dominican Republic where women would use home remedies such as; drinking concoctions, warm compresses and, often, sheer determination to make their way through the pain which he realised was very different to the way he'd seen it done in the USA.

Kevin’s belief that to live your best life through health and happiness you must avoid things that do not serve this purpose. With that, an idea started taking shape to create a natural and essential oil blend that served as an alternative to over-the-counter medications.

Kevin wanted to make a change for these Women and he set out to find a manufacturer who would be able to assist him to formulate the product which was going to change these women's lives - Pure Yeva. It took just two years and 7 drop Multitasking Body Oil was created. After getting much feedback Kevin was happy with the product he'd created. Speaking to Kevin about what the future holds for the brand he said, 'We are now on an adventure to make pure yeva a truly whole-istic self-care & lifestyle brand, that goes beyond the products or ingredients when reaching & nourishing its loves' and I believe Kevin and his team won't stop until he knows people are living their best life.

A true inspiration. Kevin saw something wrong and he dedicated his time and money to fix it for not just this generation but many more generations to come.

You can shop the 7 drop Multitasking Body Oil and the rest of the range from Pure Yeva over at


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