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Q Timex 1971 Velocity Reissue

Timex is delighted to announce the launch of its Q Timex 1971 Velocity Reissue. This piece is an homage to the adrenaline-fueled racing scene of the 70’s, capturing the sophisticated charm of electric timepieces from the era, yet embracing modernity with its ultra-precise quartz movement for impeccable timekeeping.  

Q Timex 1971 Velocity Reissue

The 36mm case has been upgraded to a sturdy stainless-steel, and equipped with a friction-fit aluminum top ring with an elapsed time scale specifically crafted to track and measure elapsed time with precision. This gorgeous reissues’ dial is a visual ode to the famed checkered flag of the racetrack, that signals victory to its competitors and bystanders, while its second hand mirrors a speedometer needle with the tapered contour of its sweep.

The Q Timex 1971 Velocity Reissue is available at, £165.


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