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Queen Of Fashion

Slow Fashion is something we have seen grow over the last couple of years, which is a refreshing change from the fast fashion coming from the east. With slow fashion, you usually get quality materials, limited number collections and most of the time we find they are genuinely better for the planet and slow fashion Polish brand Cosel is everything that right about slow fashion and a lot more.

Cosel founded by a graduate of the Academy of fine arts in Lodz - Anna Szubert, is a unique women's fashion brand completely operational from Poland. The brand boasts collections that are 'unique and unrepeatable'. It's pretty clear that the inspiration of the designs of the collections is nature, its earth. With collections named; Queen of Nature, Queen of Ocean, Queen of Safari and Queen of Butterfly's it give you a feeling of being closer to the earth, it does have a raw natural feel.


The new SS20 collection named Queen of Butterfly's showcases some incredible pieces what you can wear for all kinds of occasions. The collection features 9 different pieces all bursting with fabulous colours but nothing that looks too over the top, all the designs are elegantly portrayed on the garments, giving that upper-class feel to them, and being from a slow fashion brand, you know the quality if the fabrics are going to be impeccable, making you look and feel elegant.

So why do brands label themselves a slow fashion?

Well as Cosel say themselves brand who are 'Slow fashion' bands can actually offer so much more than your average brand or your fast fashion brand. With slow fashion brands though you need to be careful and you need to be able to tell if they are slow fashion or lazy fashion. You already know what slow fashion is, but lazy fashion is where a brand claims to be slow but actually they aren't, their collections are rushed im smaller amounts of time and their quality is as good as fast fashion. It's pretty clear to see Cosel at slow fashion. The brand screams sophistication and elegance throughout. Offering beautiful limited edition collections and uses high quality long -lasting materials.

Cosel also prides themselves on a 'Zero waste strategy', meaning they use almost all of their material they purchase, there is no unnecessary paper labels or plastic packaging and they do all their own original logo printing too.

I believe brands like Cosel are the future of high quality fashion, Slow fashion is the future, Owners like Anna are ahead of the game and they're in that redefining generaton of fashion.

you can check out Cosel's Queen of butterflies collection, plus all of their previous collections over at


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