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Quintessentially British

From luxury hotels all over the world to BBC's Hit TV show Sherlock Holmes, starring Benedict Cumberbatch the chances you've come across a piece from British luxury home-ware brand Ali Miller is quite high.

Ali Miller London, is a quintessentially British brand that produces some of the world best fine bone China tea sets, featuring some 'Quirky' styles. Each piece containing some personal and intimate representations on some classic British designs mixed with the infamous British humour. With each piece made with the finest materials the world has to offer and all decorated by hand, it really does bring back some true British workmanship to 2020.

Founder Ali suffered with dyslexia whilst growing up but found 'solace in art'. After graduating art school, she went on to design store windows for world-famous stores like; Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason, alongside studying at college in the evenings. Ali says,' Experimenting with firing designs on to china led to my first fine bone china tea set being born.'

Exhibiting her work in some of the biggest cities in the world including; London, Paris and New York City, at the turn of the last decade Ali was invited by framer John Jones to run a major exhibition in their space where all of her collections sold out.

Ali explains the inspiration behind the designs is, 'an amalgamation of personal experiences, family history, religion and identity' and memories that she believes have shaped her life, alongside urban culture, vintage eccentricity and nature, and its really easy to see all of these inspirations in her work. The designs and definitely those of a British up bringing. They're elegant but fun, they're peaceful designs expressing mother nature at he finest.

In 2012 Ali Miller London has three of her designs used in the BBC's hit show Sherlock Holmes, something that had a major positive impact on the London based brand, with those designs selling out over night. Ali says, 'Fans of the show still love and buy my work – and Home Sweet Home, Hampstead Heath and Alice continue to be my best selling designs.

Ali's designs are amongst some of the most unique I've ever some across, why not check her collections out for yourself over at