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Re-inveting the trampoline

Standing the test of time, the traditional trampoline has long been a household activity and popular outdoor play product for the family. Not much has changed in 2020 and with trampoline parks booming it’s clear children are looking for more than a regular bounce.

In what’s expected to be the most exciting outdoor product launch this season, Plum Play has reinvented the trampoline experience, challenging the traditional flat bed. Plum has created an entire new trampoline category, introducing a revolutionary new play pattern to inspire and capture Gen Z’s love of high-energy sports and freestyle play.

The BOWL Freebound Trampoline, set to launch this February, offers a unique space where children can express themselves in a safe environment and explore new movement. With cues taken from extreme sports and urban landscapes children can enhance their skills and discover freebounding!

Transforming the jumping mat into a new curvilinear form the Plum BOWL trampoline has three cutting edge unique features, CURV, FLEX and BOWL.

The CURV creates a new contour play pattern encouraging dynamic movement in boundless directions. Think Trampoline Park, Skate Bowl and Velodrome; this new jumping mat innovation changes the way children bounce, allowing them to use both the flat mat centre and trampoline walls.

Rusting springs and the noise that comes with them are also a thing of the past. Super soft FLX bungees are silent, each held by a FLX secure clip the bungees work in unison, powered by movement. Each bungee creates a quad formation connecting the frame to both of the upper and lower perimeter of the CURV; this keeps the mat taut whilst providing bounce performance as children use the trampolines sides to perfect their tricks.

The new iconic BOWL shape delivers on both form and function, the unique BOWL experience inspires freestyle play in the ultimate safe space, providing an environment where kids can challenge themselves, learn new skills and ultimately build confidence.

“Designed and tested to be the most thrill seeking trampoline experience. We’ve created a unique freebound environment… The BOWL is the safest way to bounce.” Jonathan Schaffer, company founder and extreme sports enthusiast

Hi-tech specs also include a printed track mat; that allows children to visualise their movement and can be used as markers to enhance freebounding across the CURV. The extra thick, super soft feel safety net protects both the user and trampoline interior. Protective safety padding is divided into eight separate sections for easy installation with each section meeting to unite the pad for durable cushioning.

Plum Play are taking the trampoline back to its roots. A brief look at the trampolines history reveals that both leisure and professional training have played equal roles in the trampolines timeline; with NASA famously using the trampoline to improve balance and give the feeling of weightlessness.

Initially invented by a teenage gymnast in the 1930’s to enhance acrobatic skills, perfect tricks and strengthen muscle, we can identify these benefits are identical to what children love about this product today. With the campaign hashtag #whatcanyoudo Plum have let ambitious kids do the talking. From skater to gymnast, ballerina to freerunner these real personalities bring the BOWL trampoline to life, whilst telling their stories.

Grace, an inspiring ballerina tried out the BOWL; “I like trampolining because it’s much easier to jump and practice on than a hard floor is. It just feels really nice to like let loose and when you do it, you realise that you can do stuff, if you work hard at it”

Eddie who loves trampoling, gymnastic and parkour said the following after jumping on the BOWL. “You jump from ledge to ledge doing flips and amazing stunts and I just love the thrill of doing that. I use it to overcome the fear of taking my skills from the trampoline to the ground. It’s really exciting it gets my blood flowing and my heart racing”

Hear more from the children testers:

For £1500 the BOWL has a diameter of 4.16m and a 2.58m height frame. Supporting up to 120kg (18stone 9lbs) the trampolines durable structure has a 10 year warranty.

Are you ready to try the new wave of freebound trampolines?


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