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Sapling Spirits Launches its New Wonky Fruit Range with a Fruity Raspberry & Hibiscus Vodka

Sapling Spirits has officially launched its new wonky fruit range with a Raspberry & Hibiscus Vodka (£36.00). The range takes Sapling Spirits sustainability efforts one step further, using imperfect ‘wonky’ fruit that would otherwise be going to waste to create great tasting infused vodka. The wonky Vodka is available in John Lewis for £36.

It is predicted that one third of global production is wasted every year. Sapling is fighting food waste by using misfit fruit that does not meet premium grade specifications for appearance, weight and colour and struggle to make it onto the grocery shelves despite not compromising on taste.

Sapling’s first flavour of Raspberry & Hibiscus vodka uses rejected raspberries that have been bumped, crushed, squashed or broken but are just as fruity and delicious as their ‘perfect’ counterparts. When combined with delicate hibiscus and Sapling’s British wheat based vodka it creates a unique blend with a deliciously fruity and refreshing taste. Perfect for sipping on or mixing together with tonic water to create the perfect fruity cocktail.

Since 2018, Sapling Spirits has been at the forefront of driving sustainable practices in the drinks world and has been named as one of the most innovative spirits to champion bars and consumers to embrace a zero-waste philosophy when creating cocktails.

Co-founders, Ed Faulkener and Ivo Devereux are keen to support the UK’s mission to reduce food waste and irresponsible buying behaviours. Saplings new wonky fruit range showcases how fresh fruit produce can be used across the drinks industry, no matter of the shape or size.

Ivo Devereux, Co-Founder of Sapling Spirits, “We are really excited to be launching our new wonky range of vodka. At Sapling we believe that beauty is more than skin deep which is why we use natural wonky raspberries that might not look perfect but still taste just as sweet and juicy as their ‘perfect’ counterparts. This is not just about taste, it is about our planet too. We are excited at Sapling to have created something that customers can enjoy knowing they are helping food waste and their planet!”

Sapling Spirits’ Wonky Range is available from John Lewis


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