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Save the duck presents the new fall-winter 21/22 collection

Returning to the origins to create a new evolution: this is the concept underpinning the Save The Duck Fall Winter 21.22 collection. A development of style that changes, and is given new life through its icons, highlighting hybrids. Nature is still at the centre of it all, with garments inspired by recycling and environmental responsibility. The brand insists on an elemental strategy, presenting its identity as the only alternative sustainable parka.

Save The Duck, the Italian brand specialising in 100% animal-free and 100% cruelty-free outerwear, is launching its new collection of coats and garments for FW 21.22. Once again, nature is the constant source of inspiration, and the collection continues the theme of innovation, this time by means of four of nature’s principal elements: earth, fire, air and water. Contact with the natural environment and its elements leads to a quest for colours and textiles that bring out the essence of the factors involved in biodiversity.

Fire thus becomes synonymous of heat and thermal efficiency, hallmarking principally garments that are capable of providing protection in extreme conditions (down to -20°C) and that are expressed in a chromatic range of colours such as red, pink and purple. Air, on the other hand, evokes lightness, the comfort of soft lines and gently-draping textiles such as knitwear; in this case the choice of colour palette is ethereal and delicate, from ice to light blue, reaching more intense shades of blue. Water slides off waterproof garments and items made in Gore-Tex, without leaving a trace of its passage: the textiles remain dry, and the surfaces underneath stay intact; turquoise and shades of light blue are again the fundamental colours of some of the garments inspired by the element water, but there are also greys and the cooler greens. Earth sums up Save The Duck’s commitment to the planet to perfection, with important concepts linked to ecology, recycling and environmental sensitivity. The earth element denotes a range of garments manufactured by recycling plastic and other waste materials, and it includes biodegradable garments. Shades of green, yellow and brown enhance forms and comply with the principles of an elemental type of fashion, based on tangible concepts.

The company returns to its origins above all with the iconic garments present in the Main Collection in order to consolidate tradition while also renewing it. Save The Duck focuses on the iconic character of its products, presenting its most emblematic garments in all the collection’s textiles. The basic outerwear garments have been redesigned to create a new concept of interaction and integration of elements of diversity, which together express harmony, in accordance with an ethical approach to fashion. The down jackets, which are hallmarked by the orange logo and the brand’s padding material Plumtech®, are subdivided into an increasingly wide choice for the consumer. In fact, in the next collection there are 20 new garments, from the basic quilted versions in Giga and Iristextile, to the smooth garments in Mega and Matt textile, right through to the parkas in Smeg, unmissable during the coldest months for all those who love street fashion.

The new products for women include details in recycled knitwear and in eco-fur, also recycled. There are also new textiles: to mention just one example, Glam is a metallic fabric made with 100% recycled materials. Another feature in this direction comprises the gilt zips, a completely new element that demonstrates an increasingly sophisticated attention to detail. The design evolution of the basic garments highlights the combination of simplicity and more eccentric components, but the fundamental items in gloss Iris textile privilege elegance and more delicate lines.

Another change regards the basic quilted products for men in Mega textile, which have been given a new look with a matt crêpe finish and a sportier, more urban and distinctive style. Save The Duck has also renewed another men’s classic in Matt textile, waterproof, smooth and with a particularly refined appearance, featuring in the trench coats and overcoats. These outerwear garments have been designed for a demanding consumer looking for smart and savvy style.

The most fashion-conscious savetheduckers will opt for the range of jackets for him and her in glossy Luck textile, and in Rima textile which combines crêpe with a matt waterproof look, hallmarking the genderless style and unisex fit. The colour palette has been completely transformed, with a powerful new presence of the brightest and liveliest hues. The logo is oversize, and likewise the style trends of these garments with more generous, softer lines, which recall 1990s tastes and the bomber jacket fashion. The Italian company’s commitment emerges more strongly than ever before in the more visible details, and so in some garments made using Luck and Rima textiles, the words “Animal free” can be seen on the outside of the down jacket.

The Smeg textile and the iconic garments of the Arctic line represent an essential strategy, presenting its identity as the only sustainable alternative to the parka, and in fact the green parka by Save The Duck is winning ever-greater success. A new product in the FW 21.22 collection features minimalist, bold and simple lines: a parka in technical oxford fabric with a cotton-like hand, water-resistant and wind-resistant, high-performance and breathable, in more powerful colours such as yellow and the traditional military green. This garment is characteristic for its multi-pocket system, providing urban style and outdoor inspiration, with clear visual references to the 1980s. Save The Duck ensures that its parka remains authentic and up-to-date, and it is presented in a number of variants: long and short versions, a puffy model or with knitwear inserts.

The next FW collection also includes the first eco-fur consisting of 100% recycled materials, a super-soft, elegant garment that completes the range of items in Fury textile. Save The Duck has taken different user preferences into consideration, making short furs for a more casual look, and longer garments with hood and eco-fur hallmarked by a mix-and-match of Fury and Luck textiles: another expression of hybrid style reutilising different fabrics, combining them into an innovative garment, unique in its field.

An overall harmony is also created by the combination of different textiles in garments and knitwear, such as the pullover sweatshirt for him and for her, completing the collection in a multi-faceted range with details of various shapes, once again 100% recycled.

The Recycled line and the Recy textiles are amongst the undisputed highlights of the FW 21.22 collection, and they enhance the distinctive identity of Save The Duck as a company of authentic values in the world of sustainability. Throughout the collection, the brand reveals an increase in the use of recycled materials, and a wholly innovative green spirit.

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