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Skincare Expert Lisa Franklin talks keeping your skin healthy at home

With spa's and skincare clinics having to close in the UK due to the lockdown, it's leaving many worried about the condition of their skin and asking the questions of how they can be treating it at home. We spoke to award winning Skincare expert Lisa Franklin about how you can look after your skin at home, where she covers it all from what has a negative impact on your skin to cleansing routines that will keep your skin health and glowing.

What made you want to get into the skin care industry?    My own experience with rosacea inspired me to research the best natural ingredients I began developing my own skincare line after researching into how to deal with my rosacea, which I may have inherited from my father. For me, it was a question of confidence and I’m proud of being able to help my clients restore their self-esteem and confidence through healthy, glowing skin. When going into the industry, was the plan to always launch your own product ranges?   With my 20 years’ experience in my clinic having witnessed the increase in premature ageing caused by city life, I was inspired to create my own skincare range that I would use in my in- clinic treatments and that would help clients maintain healthy, radiant skin at home. The Lisa Franklin Pro-Effect and Clinic Privé ranges combine the latest scientific advances in skincare and the highest-quality natural active ingredients, with a clean approach to our formulas, so we use organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals. What are the things people can do in day-to-day life that can have a major positive impact on their skin? Cleansing: a good cleansing routine is vital for keeping your skin glowing and healthy. Cleansing not only removes the daily dirt and grime we come into contact with through our lives, but also bad bacteria which can cause inflammatory responses resulting in problematic skin conditions. I suggest my clients to give themselves time in the evening to ensure they remove all of the days’ build up including makeup. An oil-based cleanser will help to draw out impurities and nourish the skin, follow this with a gentle wash to purify and deep clean Regular exfoliation with products containing gentle acids will remove tired skin cells and accelerate healthy proliferation. The result is a radiant, more even complexion. We recommend our Lisa Franklin Pro-Effect Micellar Water £29, Lisa Franklin Pro Effect Phyto Gel Wash £35 and our Lisa Franklin Pro-Effect Refining Exfoliator £55.  

What could have a negative impact on your skin they people might not be aware of?    Pollution and exposure to electronic devices: While we have known for many years about the negative impact of UV light radiation on our skin health, it has now been shown that radiation from our electronic devices are equally important concerns to address when considering long-term skin health and reducing the visible signs of ageing. This is especially important now that we spend more time now than ever in front of mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc, so we are only now starting to see its negative effect on skin health. Electromagnetic and visible light radiation from screens accelerates the oxidation process, compromises the skin barrier function, increases inflammation and free radical production and exerts DNA damage, so it is vital to address these issues in our skincare routines. Our multi-award-winning Pro-Effect Pollution Defence Cream protects against Electromagnetic Radiation and fights pollution by strengthening barrier function, neutralising damaging free radicals and prevents the oxidation of cells whilst supporting DNA repair. How advanced is Skincare treatment compared to where we were 10 years ago would you say?   Microbial ecology with the development of prebiotic and prebiotic active ingredients is something to watch.  Also, the demand on where and how natural ingredients are produced will become even more focused. Consumers are also constantly becoming more informed and interested about transparency from brands, both for ethical reasons and for their skin health. We are proud to have been awarded the Positive Luxury Mark, which means we have a company-wide commitment to sustainability, including fair pay for all, using renewable energy, reducing energy usage, no animal testing, and omitting parabens, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide, petroleum and nanoparticles from our products.

How can your new range of serums help your customers keep skin glowing at home? Our serums are formulated using the latest scientific advances and the highest quality, potent natural ingredients for a truly efficacious skin treatment according to each person’s skin concerns. Whether in the treatment for acne, dehydrated skin and pigmentation, our serums nourish and repair the skin for radiant results. Our No. 1 Serum – Repair + Protect is a Vitamin C&E serum targeted at sun and pollutant damaged skin – it repairs pigmentation and brightens complexions with an antioxidant and anti-irritant formula that soothes and reduces redness. The No. 2 Serum – Clear + Restore is a 5-in-1 treatment for acne, rosacea or stressed skin: it was formulated with clinically proven compounds in the treatment of acne. The No. 3 Serum – Hydrate + Regenerate is a ultra-effective serum for treating dehydrated skin, it acts on multiple skin layers to support hydration and boost skin firmness and elasticity. Our No. 4 Serum – Calm + Heal (targeting rosacea and redness) and No. 5 Serum – Fade + Balance (targeting pigmentation and age spots) are coming soon, so watch this space.

You can visit Lisa's private clinic in London's, Sloane Street for a consultation where Lisa, who has over 20 years of experience in the skincare industry can help set up a treatment plan tailored to address the issues or concerns you may have, helping to deliver 'Exceptional Results'.

Why not head over to now and get your consultation booked in and your skin on the road to a healthier look.


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