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Sleep anxiety: How to get a good nights sleep

Are you keen to look at your fitness tracker when you wake in the morning, relying on it to tell you if you have had enough sleep, or if the quality was good enough? Even more so as we live through lockdown 3? Well, this can actually lead to sleep anxiety.

With the rise in fitness trackers, tracking sleep patterns has also become the norm, but should we be basing how we feel on what a digital analysis of our sleep is telling us? Sleep is individual and there’s no specific sleep pattern that it ‘correct’, nor a specific amount of time asleep.

We should be judging our sleep on how we feel when we wake and how we feel across the day. If we wake feeling refreshed, and a tracker tells us actually we didn’t have a great night we should then feel tired.

Where it really is a concern is when we wake feeling as though we are still tired, and the tracker says we had a great night. We can’t push this to one side, we need to pay attention to what our body is telling us, and address sleep issues. Plus, sleep is vital for a fit, healthy immune system which we all need as we live through Covid-19.

If you are experiencing sleep anxiety, here are a few tips that may help tick the box for you:

#1. Remove your fitness tracker when you sleep: An easy one. If you have become too reliant on the tracker to tell you how you have slept, then remove it when you go to bed and listen to your body in the morning instead. If it helps, you could keep your own notes of how you feel each day you wake up

#2. Routine: One descriptor you probably hear time and time again. But it works. Our bodies want routine, they want to know when to eat, when to sleep and when to wake. If we get our sleep pattern into a routine our body will naturally want to fall asleep and wake at the same time each day

#3. Relax before bed: Try winding both your body and mind down before sleep. A bath, a book or simple stretches. If you find it hard to relax DragonflyCBD oil could help. Dragonfly CBD oil has been shown to help with stress and anxiety and also with insomnia[1],[2],[3],[4],[5] – a good incorporation into the bedtime routine

#4. Review your sleeping environment: How we sleep has a lot to do with our sleep environment. Ensure the room isn’t too hot nor too light, both these disturb sleep. Could the bedroom do with a bit of a revamp, a move around of furniture? Sometimes that makes us appreciate the sleeping environment much more. If you hear noise from neighbours or cars passing earplugs might be a good option, as once we are disturbed it’s harder to then get a good night’s sleep

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