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Smoking Hot: Poke House’s Latest Catch Brings Salmon Tataki To The Table

Looking for something to bring the heat this March? Europe’s largest poke chain, Poke House, has announced the launch of a new limited-edition protein; Salmon Tataki.

Poke House’s newest addition is made by flaming fresh salmon right in front of your eyes with soy sauce and sesame oil, resulting in a soft texture and slightly smoky taste. The salmon is so fresh, it's off the hook!

Salmon Tataki is a traditional Japanese dish that has been gaining popularity in recent years, which sees raw fish seared on a high heat, locking in the flavours while adding a smoky flavour to its profile. This limited-edition product is only available in March across all Poke House stores, so you’d better get hooked while you can.

Looking for the perfect match for your Salmon Tataki? Vittoria Zanetti, co-founder of Poke House, recommends pairing it with avocado, almonds, and ponzu dressing. This combination offers a perfect balance of flavours and textures that complement the delicate taste of the salmon. It's the perfect sidekick for this fishy feast.

Poke House offers a wide range of healthy options perfect for any meal. With four bases, 10 proteins, 20 greens, 13 sauces, seven crispy toppings available across every bowl, there’s endless flavoursome yet healthy options for everyone.

Treat yourself to Salmon Tataki at any of the Poke House stores throughout March.

For more information about Poke House and its menu offerings, please visit It's the plaice to be for fresh and tasty poke bowls!


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