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Sons - Saving men's hair

I think there comes a time in a mans life when reality hits them, that one day they could lose those luscious locks on their head, obviously we are talking about their hair and founders of Sons hair care brand Will and Adrian one day had those exact thoughts.

Instead of just having those thoughts, they put their heads together and came up with a solution to how they could prevent it, and Sons was born. The pair claim they had a slight advantage over others, Adrian was from a background of clinical researching and Will was the businessman, together they made quite the team. after spending some time looking around for solutions to prevent them from having to put sun cream on the top of their heads too during the summer they came up a little short. That was the motivation to launching this brand. with a goal to health men understand the facts and help them solve some of the issues men dont usually talk about.

Sons have a range of treatment plans, designed to help peoples needs with each treatment plan reassuringly safe. The brand says,' We’re a registered pharmacy. Our products are licensed for sale in the UK and we’re accredited by the Medicines & Healthcare product Regulatory Agency (MHRA).' One goal for Sons is to get men talking about hair loss. They are looking to 'motivate' men to become more pro-active in tackling their problems... starting with their hair. 'We want to bring men’s health and well-being into the 21st Century - less stigma, clearer information, more convenience, better results. And we’re starting with hair loss', and it's exactly what sons offer

Want to learn more about how you can take care of your hair? Then head over to now and see what they can do for you.