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  • Curtis Hinton

HM Visits: Sparrow Italia, Mayfair - A Mayfair Restaurant with a Sparrow Twist

Sparrow Italia is the true Mayfair experience.The venue, the staff and the food on offer are just of the highest class. Situated off a main road, Avery Row in London's Mayfair, Sparrow Italia offers a array of delicious dishes catering for all. Whether its a small plates kind of evening with some fantastic wine or a three-course meal you will certainly be leaving satisfied.

Offering dishes from a 'Modern Italian' theme Sparrow Italia is a part of Noble 33 which features an 'expansive' menu created by Chef AJ McCloud. The aim is to create dishes which consisted of 'comforting Italian and Mediterranean classics with creative twists'. They pride themselves on creating all fresh pasta in house and ensuring that the ingredients they use isn't just of the highest quality but also sustainable & organic.

From the moment your shoe hits the floor at the top of the steps you know you're in a venue that is going to take care of you. Warmly welcomed at the door we quickly checked into our reservation and were taken to the floor our table was on. On this short journey we got to see the bar downstairs which was filled with life, socialising and of course some of the fantastic cocktails that were on offer.

Right from the outset they had set themselves high standards which were continued throughout the night by the staff who were waiting on us. It wasn't long after we were seated we are brought some freshly made focaccia which set the tone for the rest of the night when it came to the expectation of the food... impeccably high. We were not disappointed starting the evening with Braised Meatball & Crispy Arancini. The Braised Meatball was unbelievably tender and full of flavour whilst the crispy arancini brought the traditional strong arancini & truffle flavours to the table. Our mains followed suite when it come to the quality and experience of the starters featuring the Bone Marrow Pasta & Filet Mignon. Both selected mains were nothing short of perfection, the Bone Marrow Pasta has a variety of flavours throughout whilst offering something quite delicate and flavoursome whilst the Filet Mignon topped of with the truffle jus and a rocket and Parmesan salad was the perfect combination. The richness of the Filet Mignon and Truffle Jus combining together created a flavour you ensure lasts as long as it can through every bite. The meal was finished off with Tiramisu and Zeppole both of which were the perfect end to the meal keeping up the high standards presented to us through the service and the food throughout the whole evening.

Throughout the meal we enjoyed some in house designed cocktails which kept the mixologist busy all evening with them proving to be a very popular hit not just with us but most tables.

The decor is one you would expect to see in a Mayfair located establishment rich colours with gold touches, one thing that did surprise me which I feel subtle adds to the experience is the carpeted dining areas keeping the venue warm and cosy throughout the evening. Other notable decor include the in side trees throughout the restaurant and the glass ceiling which covers a portion of the restaurant, which I feel is something many will like and will keep bringing them back for the feeling of luxurious freedom.

Ultimately the Sparrow Mayfair is everything you expect a Mayfair based restaurant to be + a Sparrow twist.

You can find the full menu for their London or Los Angeles based establishments over at


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