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SpeakEasy House

When launching your own brand in what is a crowed market thats getting even busier there are a couple things that are vital to help you stand out. The first is to offer good quality garments alongside some unique designs. Secondly is find a niche area of the market and blow it up, become the biggest brand in that niche area, and this is what Fashion brand Speakeasy House are aiming to do.

Speakeasy House are a streetwear brand. 'born at the intersection of casual street style and intense Art-Deco vibes'. The brand says. The brand produces unisex garments from quality clothing featuring niche and clean cut designs.

Many brands take the option to put there logo on their garments which is easily visible for anyone looking at the top, This isn't something they do at Speakeasy house. Their garment feature different designs on the front but not their logo - 'We only wish to assign labels to the garments, not those wearing them!' The brand has told us. There are some advantages to this because not everyone wants tshirts with huge logos on the front. Some looking like walking billboards which a clean design on the front you're going to be appealing to so many more people.

The UK based brand that launched in July 2020, are still very early on their journey but its clear to see they have made a positive start. Boasting fast pace growth in there opening 1/4. You get the feeling of a very customer focused service with Speakeasy House, which in a world which is rapidly doing most of their shopping online is a great way to be. It'll bring in an audience of it's own, when you show you genuinely care about the consumer and the quality of the garment you are producing.

Featuring a small range online,the brand have given themselves a great place to start from. What you dont want to do is have a huge range of garments where 50% aren't popular at least if you start with a small collection size you you can focus more on the quality of the products for your customers.

You can shop the full range from Speakeasy House over at

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