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Spend A Holiday In Style With Your Own Horse

Equestrian tourism in Portugal: an experience to remember.

Rosa Estates has its own horses, but there's nothing quite like taking your own equine friend with you on your vacation, especially when it offers the opportunity to introduce you to a host of new experiences you can enjoy together. We make sure the rider and horse have an unforgettable adventure!

At Rosa Estates, true luxury is the genuine warmth of those who receive it, the luminous simplicity of the Alentejo plateaus, the exotic aromas of its flowers and the symphony of the morning with which nature has prepared to wake you up. A great destination that offers more than just a place to relax and retain memories of lived experiences. A truly standout property that can offer a new vision of a beloved place, bring new energy to a feeling of being there, and even become a destination in its own right.

Holidays with your horse at Rosa Estates also provide the perfect opportunity to improve your riding skills, an added incentive to take your own horse on holiday with you. Treat yourself to sunrise and sunset tours and overnight trips. Located in the Alentejo region, rich in magnificent landscapes, a surprisingly pleasant climate and great contact with nature, this wonderful place is perfect for staying and relaxing, providing excellent experiences for those looking for proximity to nature.

At Rosa Estates, we are concerned with maintaining the Alentejo traditions and, therefore, it is possible to notice the authenticity of the experiences. Since Roman times, horse races have taken place in a nearby village, Monforte. This region breathes history, and encompasses the main requirements of any traveller. Comfort, tranquility, stability, security, living and teaching.

STAY WITH HORSES: We have facilities to accommodate your horses during your stay, so you can bring your own horse if you book in advance. We also have a large paddock, a riding arena and 87ha of this beautiful property to use for riding and riding lessons.

HORSE STABLES: We accommodate your horse with all the comfort and safety. Our experienced team takes care of every detail and takes care of your horse.

PICNIC ON HORSE - Escape the city for an adventure in the Alentejo plateaus and admire the pristine and beautiful landscape on horseback. Follow a trail and stop along the way to enjoy a picnic under cork and holm oaks, including delicious Alentejo dishes and regional specialties. The tours can be adapted for all levels, from beginners to more experienced riders.

RIDING LESSONS / VAULTING - The horses of Rosa Estates: Farmhouse & Stables have priceless beauty, good temperaments and are great to ride. Guests can enjoy the space and immerse themselves in the horseback riding experience through the Estates and in the surroundings of the property. At the estate, riding lessons are offered to beginners in the sport. Moments like these are like photographs to keep in memory forever, an unforgettable tour in Portuguese lands.

STABLE MANAGEMENT COURSE: Receive initial training to know how to guide, organize and perform the tasks necessary for the management and treatment of the horse in all its aspects.

Prices range from €100 - €370 per night. Book your stay now:


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