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Strike A Po-ke: Poke House Launches Limited-edition Poke Bowl For London’s Fashion Pack

To celebrate London Fashion Week, Europe's largest poke chain, Poke House, is launching a limited-edition poke bowl designed to give fashionistas on the run the energy and nutrition they need as part of London Fashion Week’s City Wide Celebrations.

Dubbed ‘the Fashion Bowl’, the bowl comes complete with quinoa, kale, avocado, cherry tomatoes, edamame, teriyaki & ginger chicken, mustard & honey dressing, almonds, and sesame seeds – the perfect meal for those on-the-go without compromising nutrition or taste.

Each ingredient has been carefully selected by poke expert and Poke House co-founder, Vittoria Zanetti, to provide a bowl packed full of nutrition, all without being too heavy on the stomach.

The Fashion Bowl provides a slow release of energy throughout the day thanks to super ingredients quinoa (rich in B2), almonds (rich in B12) and kale (high in vitamin C), making it the perfect bowl in-between runways, events, and networking.

Poke House's latest bowl will be available across all its London stores for a limited time only, from the first day of London Fashion Week, 17th – 28th February from £10.45. The Fashion Bowl will also be available on delivery apps.


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