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Studio A Clothing

The fashion style of 'Japanese streetwear' is certainly one that is firmly establishing it'self in the western world. Often the garments are similar to those of the western world but with a twist, an evidential one which instantly makes it's clear it has a Japanese inspired theme. One brand launched in 2018 is looking to lead the UK's and the western worlds not only sales, but production too of the everrising 'Japanese Streetwear' trend. Shaneil Ambasana is the founder of Studio A Clothing and we sat down with the brain behind the brand to learn more.

Shaneil, Could you explain who your brand Studio A is? Studio A is a Japanese inspired streetwear brand

What was the reason you decided to launch your Streetwear brand, Studio A in 2018? Studio A show a gap in the market for Men’s and Boy’s matching casual street wear sets creating a “Mini Me’s” of men’s clothing

Now, you have quite a lot of knowledge in the fashion production industry with your family business being that for decades, but how different is it to launch your own brand? It’s a lot different to production industry, because as brand you need to be aware of clothing you make ensuring it meets people expectations/ requirements there is a lot of research, going to fashion shows understanding new trends and colours

What was the most challenging time for you when launching Studio A? Covid and getting the supply chain up and running

At Studio A you produce 'Japanese Inspired' streetwear clothing. Why did you decide this would be what you would produce when planning to launch a brand of your own? Show a gap in the market for this type of cut and sew street wear fashion with mix of colours, and to offer sustainable brand , using Better Cotton Initiative with recycled yarns and the garments produced in a eco-friendly factory

What does collection planning look like for you? Is it checking the latest trends, developing from your last collections or maybe something completely brand new? A mix of both

One thing you are proud of at Studio A, is your ethically sourced material. How important is this for fashion brands and for the fashion industry? This is very important for any brand, this is and has been the key factor of what we wanted, produce garments which we can proudly say is a eco-friendly sustainable brand.

How much would you say COVID-19 affected business for you? A lot, when we had planned to launch in England, Covid struck and we could not get our supplies in time or to the destination we had planned for it to go.

Are there any upcoming collections from Studio A you can tell us about? Yes we plan to launch 4 collection in year, ensuring we meet and include new colours and trends

As we have established you've been in the fashion production industry for sometime now, but what advice would you give to someone who is just launching their own brand? If you believe in your brand then stick to it, yes you will have lots of downs but just believe in what you do

Shaneil, Thank you for your time today.

Thank you, Curtis.

You can shop the full range from Studio A Clothing at their official website

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