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Subin Hahn

There have been select iconic moments in fashion history where someone has been bold and brave and tested the bounds of how far fashion can go. For many of us these will stick in our minds but fashion brand Subin Hahn believes there shouldn't be bounds or 'divisions' and many seem to agree.

'Impression of Tomorrow': Photographed by Wesley Sun, Edited by Jana Heidenreich

Priding themselves on leading the way in the non-binary clothing industry Subin Hahn certainly set out on a mission to change the way we see clothes. Speaking to the brand they told us, 'We believe fashion shouldn’t have divisions. Men should be able to wear feminine elements as women are able to wear masculine elements as they wish while embracing his or her own ambiguity'. Very much in line with what is very clear to see with the brand, they believe fashion has no bounds.

Everyone has a right to express their own individuality. - Subin Hahn

Focusing on creating Fluidwear, Subin believes like women have adopted menswear into their wardrobes without any issues, men should be able to do the same for women's wear. They certainly have a point, as we all move to a more accepted society surely something which has been done before, just with the roles reversed shouldn't be so much of an issue?

The award-winning brand certainly have a lot of faith in their concept telling us, 'The future of fashion is in fluidity, without any boundaries' and if they're right, they have positioned themselves right at the front of the market ahead of many of the big players with such a variety of garments.

Is non-binary clothing the future?

Believing away from the traditional men's and womenswear ,' fluidwear encourages individuals to explore fashion in their own way, and to create beauty in fluidity', ultimately enabling people to feel comfortable in whatever they want to wear, without it being classes as a man wearing women's clothes or visa-versa, it's the whole no labelling concept which people are becoming more familiar with.

Founder& Designer Subin Hahn

However the future of fashion looks, Subin Hahn have certainly made stride in taking the wheel and driving it in their direction. The concept is one which usually causes headlines... for the right reasons which is why it's such a brilliant idea.

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