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This year alone it seems like everyone had become more conscious of how often they work out seeing an increase in those doing do. Whether it's because this year we've seemed to have a lot more time on our hands or because we're looking for a reason to feel good under the current climate. Whatever the reason is make sure when you work out you do it safely and more importantly in style.

Activewear brand TACTIV launched in August 2020 and are still very early in their journey, but I believe they may have found a niche market that not many brands have spotted and thats to offer unisex fitness clothes. Often brands release similar styles in a male and female version but sometimes that not what is wanted by the consumer. I am aware of many females who prefer the fitting on mens fitness wear than women's. They find it less restrictive and comfier meaning they can enjoy their work outs even more.

The brand say,'At TACTIV, we strive to continually produce the highest quality garments, in ever changing and developing styles, whilst above all other things, maintain our passion for great customer service'. From the start the brand is showing how what their vision is for the future. Giving their potential customers a reason as to why they should be showing support in these early stages.

The team behind TACTIV tell us they launched the brand with an idea,'of bringing fashionable fitness wear to market'. They went on to say, 'It is from here that the aim of delivering a reasonably priced, yet extremely stylish, product was born'. And i do have to say, the garments are stylish and clean looking, with the garments showcasing the logo of the brand very prominently - Obviously one of the best ways to get your brands name out there!

Talking about their USP - what separates them from their competitors the brand told us, 'TACTIV is uniquely aimed at both those who have a keen eye for trends, and as the name suggests, those with a passion for fitness. Combining the two, is what makes this brand different from its competitors who solely focus on gym wear or street wear, TACTIV achieves results as both'.

It's always exciting to see where this brand goes in the next 18-24 months. Separating yourself from the rest is hard but a great start, keeping yourself separate from the rest is even harder but ive got an inkling that this brand might just be able to do just that!

You can shop the full range from TACTIV overat