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The Bank Hotel Istanbul

Located on the former Vojvoda Street, now Banks Street in Instanbul is the Marriott International's Design Hotel brand The Bank Hotel Istanbul. Not just an area full of history but the exact location and the building dates back to the 1860's and now thanks to The Bank Hotel you can visit and get a feel of the texture of history this hotel has firmly in its foundations (quite literally) and as you would expect it's truly stunning.

Throughout the project there seemed to have been a main goal to follow the principle “to renew by keeping its original shape and protecting its artistic value” and following the results you can see for yourself its certainly one they have managed to achieve. Boasting its history the building was used to host the 'Crédit Général Ottoman / Deutsche Bank / Sümerbank'. It's history just like this that seemed to have been key to showcase throughout the renivations. The hotel told us,' The historical texture in this building, which you can feel even when descending the stairs, has been preserved with the unique restoration of the hotel. For example, in this hotel you can hold a meeting in the bank vaults and in some areas of the hotel you can see historical cash registers, books, and many details that carry the texture of history.'

Continuing with the history - something the brand are keen to ensure flows out of the character the building bring - the building itself was constructed by Antoine Tedeschi in 1867. It also still features the signs of the city and is the typical sample of 19th century eclectic architectural style.

Located at the beginning of the axis (which begins to concentrate with exchangers and bankers) )The Bank Hotel İstanbul Building has been continuing to welcome its guests with its modernly decorated guestrooms, meeting rooms, historical typing machines and cash registers and its life experience. All whilst being within relativity close distance to 'The historical peninsula (Istanbul's Old City), where all the historical monuments and the most important museums are located, is a walking distance to The Sultan Ahmet Mosque. (The Blue Mosque.)'

A real piece of history that you can now go and visit has been restored to be not just looked at but to be used and enjoyed. Oh and remember whilst you are there to visit the newly installed Roof Bar where you'll be able to experience the hotels signature cocktails with some breathtaking historical views

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