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HM Visits: The Grove Hotel & Spa

The Grove Hotel and Spa in Hertfordshire is simply a luxurious venue. Whether you are staying in one of their beautiful rooms, visiting the Glasshouse restaurant for a 5 star dinner, relaxing at the Sequoia spa or playing on there high quality golf course The Grove really is the perfect place to get away from the world.

During our visit to the 5 star rated hotel there was little - none that we could fault. On arrival we were treated very well followed by a quick and easy check in.

The rooms at The Grove are beyond impressive. Now a hotel room should be clean and tidy thats a standard so what is impressive is the little things which The Grove manages to offer everywhere you look, from a personalised welcome message on the T.V in the room to the welcome treats you arrive. It was like heaven in 4 walls.

One thing that surprised me during our stay was the food at the Glasshouse. For a 5 star hotel to a buffet option for food is not maybe what I imagined. I am aware of 5 star hotels doing this but usually I am against this as you lose the personal service you should be receiving. Saying this after visiting The Grove my opinion has changed. From the moment we arrived to be seated to the moment we walked out the door the staff were perfectly attentive to our needs. Explaining how the how process works, informing us of all the options available that evening and where about's we can find it. It was such a relaxing environment could fault anything. The food that was offer was exceptional i would go as far to say it was some of the best food I have eaten. Without a doubt the 5 star service and quality was there throughout our whole meal.

Something I found brilliant at The Grove is The Lounges they have. For those who haven't been and aren't sure what these are, they are a series of rooms that are all designed very differently "Featuring quirky modern art, stunning interiors and one-off furniture pieces together with breathtaking views of our formal gardens" it's described on The Grove's website. Somewhere you can sit a relax with a drink after your meal. It takes you out of the bar vibe where it can get loud and not as comfortable to a place you can sit and relax properly. Again this is an exceptional idea and they have cerated such beautiful designs.

At The Grove, is the highly rated Sequoia spa. The Spa is free for the those staying to visit with a indoor black tiled swimming pool and heat experience rooms available in your room price alongside extra-cost treatments. You can become a member of the Sequoia spa (which includes access to the gym there too) on 3 different types of memberships which can be found at

Without a doubt the The Grove in Hertfordshire is one of the most stunning venues that the country has to offer. You can clearly see why they are 5 star because everything about our visit was beyond exceptional. Dont hang around now is the time to book your stay and experience luxury.


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