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The kids are back at school, but it’s clear mums are still struggling.

This week, we’ve seen well known faces like Anne Hathaway and Meghan Markle open up about their struggles and psychotherapist Emmy Brunner says a lot of people are suffering with their mental health:

“Throughout the pandemic experience, I have seen many usually high functioning women and mothers, hit a point of feeling completely mentally exhausted and yes, alone, despite being amongst our four walls with our families.”

This weekend (14th) sees the re-launch of The Mum Club (TMC). For the launch, TMC has partnered with postnatal support charity PANDAS and leading Psychotherapist Emmy Brunner to highlight the mental wellbeing of mums.

New research from TMC highlights:

  • 51% of women who felt loneliness said they couldn't speak to anyone about it.

  • Only 8% of women feel there is enough support for mums.

  • 89% of mums felt anxious in the last year. 60% said it was a frequent experience, and 29% said it was the first time they'd ever felt anxious.

  • Overwhelmed and forgotten were two of the most popular words used to describe how mums have been treated in the pandemic.

We have case studies available to use, including a mother who gave birth with COVID.

About TMC

Jessica Lawes and Lauren Webber established the business in 2016 after they found themselves lonely and isolated travelling the country following their husbands international rugby careers. Today, TMC is one of the UKs leading events companies for people who ‘happen to have children’ attended by the likes of Frankie Bridge, Christine Lampard, Portia Prince, Megan Rose Lane, Connie Simmonds, Jade (Mother of all adventures) and Katie Impey (The Mum Life Styled).

Aiming to increase connectivity and empower parents everywhere the TMC launch includes:

  • A slick new e-zine. Tackling all manner of topics from fashion to parenting taboos.

  • A forum. A space that will connect parents and help them answer all those mum-conundrums – 'especially the ones you have at 2am'.

  • Career opportunities. You can now host your own TMC club and join their ever-growing team. This exciting franchise opportunity enables a new career path as well as supporting flexible working patterns.

  • A virtual events series. Helping women through this unusual time, this exciting online series of events continues with; "How can I stop my kids making me look older?!", hosted by leading facialist Michaella Bolder and "Will I ever sleep again", hosted by sleep expert Rosey Davidson @Just Chill Mama.

We wondered if you’d be interested in speaking to our TMC experts? These include:

  • TMC Founders Lauren and Jessica

  • Annie Belasco head of the PANDAS charity

  • Psychotherapist Emmy Brunner

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