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The Mindful Box Is Here to Help.

Feeling like life is a blur with a million thoughts running free but finding it impossible to pause. We know, it’s hard. We know it can be tough to find some time for yourself.

According to a piece of research conducted by Holistic London they found that 7 out of 10 people crave mindfulness and relaxation. The study was based on 4000 cases in the UK. This prompted Holistic London to create a Mindful Ritual that allows connecting with the inner self and find some space for rest, clarity and rejuvenation. The Mindful Box contains a curated selection of items for a mindfulness and appreciation ritual:

Neroli + Chamomile Candle: Ground yourself in the present moment - appreciate what surrounds you at that exact second. Let the soothing essential oils help you to connect with your own needs, becoming more aware of yourself.#

Lavender Tea: Slow down and even stop – Take a sip and switch your attention from everything to one thing. This sends a clear sign to the brain to unwind and relax. Lavender + Chamomile Bath Salts: Breath in and be mindful of your physical postures. Relax body from tip to toe paying more attention to shoulders and jaw, letting go the frowning.

Inspiring Journal: Take a moment to appreciate. Feel thankful for all that’s good your world. Pause and write down those small or big things that bring you joy, this will boost optimism and strengths resilience.

Lavender Pillow Mist: Put Pillow Talk into practice: Appreciate yourself. Let that little voice inside you take good care of yourself, and steer away from the unkind and demeaning things we sometimes tell ourselves.

Velvet Sleep Mask: Switch off completely. Surrender to sleep, which is an essential pillar of wellbeing. Recover from the day and rebuild energy. There’s an endless list of benefits coming from sleeping well, some of those are:  improve concentration, immune system, memory and reduce stress levels.

The Mindful Box costs £55 from