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The Rise of Football Shirts in Fashion

Certain footballers, and the clubs for which they play, have attained an iconic status that extends beyond the boundaries of the sport. The stars of the game are recognised everywhere they go, and clubs like Liverpool have fans in every city on the planet. That’s why brands like Gillette go out of their way to seek endorsements, and nations like Saudi Arabia pay handsomely for the best players.

Barcelona Shirt

One consequence of this is that football shirts are now worn not just on match days by committed fans of a given team, but by celebrities, influencers, musicians, and people who have no association with (or enthusiasm for) the sport.

Many of the big names in fashion are now taking their cue from the big clubs and footballing nations, either through ‘homage’ shirts, or official collaborations and partnerships.

Naturally, in the world of fashion, tribal allegiance doesn’t matter quite as much as it does for committed fans. A musician performing a gig in an unfamiliar city might think nothing of wearing the shirt of the local team –to make a good impression on the audience.

So, if you’re entertaining crowds in Liverpool, then the Liverpool home shirt might be a reasonable bet. Just bear in mind that much of your audience will actually support Everton!

Retro kits

Not every shirt worn by a football player goes on to become a classic. But a few do. In many cases, the shirt might be associated with on-field success; in some, however, heroic failure can cement a particular shirt in the public consciousness. You might think of the notorious grey Manchester United shirt.

In most cases, the shirts which go on to become classics are the ones that are associated with a particular period. Arsenal’s ‘bruised banana’ kit is remembered because it’s unique. Away kits today are often experimental for the same reason.

The rise of the women’s game

Today, it’s not just the men’s game that’s capturing the attention of the average football fan: the women’s game is more widely watched than ever before, both in terms of the television audience and the in-ground attendance. Ahead of the World Cup final earlier this year, sales of the England shirt surged by an incredible 700%. In years to come, it might be that this period in the country’s history is remembered fondly (at least, in terms of women’s football). So, the current Nike shirt might well go on to become a classic!


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