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The Top Bathroom Design Trends for 2022 Revealed

Property owners looking to revamp their bathrooms this year can now get the design inspiration they need to ensure every aspect from the sink to the shower is on-trend - thanks to the expertise of UK bathroom design, supply and installation specialists Bathroom Goals.

The team behind the scenes at this company have put their heads together to determine and now reveal what the hottest bathroom design trends are for 2022.

During this process, they also used their sector knowledge to review the markets and take into account all the latest consumer preferences. Then, using this research, they have been able to curate a list of five of today’s most desirable bathroom styles, that they believe can create a stunning new space or revitalise a drab or out-of-date one.

The five trends:

Brushed brass and gold

Metals like brass and gold are having a big comeback this year. These warmer metallic tones in particular are seeing a rise in popularity for fixtures like showerheads and taps, because they can bring a real luxury feel to a bathroom.


Marble has been a rising bathroom trend for a number of years and is now really coming into its own. Those who opt for this style have apparently commented on how much they enjoy the crisp, spa-like look that it brings.


Bringing the outside into the home is going to be a big trend this year, so it’s expected tiles or wallpaper with floral patterns and flowers will be an addition to many bathrooms. This touch of nature can create a calming and serene feel, ideal for relaxing in the tub.

Bold colour schemes

As surprising as it sounds, a deep, black colour scheme is a hot trend right now. When paired with modern accessories and fixtures, bold tones - whether mono or colourful - are becoming a popular way to make a bathroom a real statement space in a property.


This sought after and exotic destination is famed for its earth, stone and wood styling and by incorporating some of this into a bathroom it is a great means of recreating a holiday experience in a home. However, like marble, Balinese-inspired bathrooms are also praised and proving to be more and more popular for their spa-like interiors.

Speaking about these trends, Michael Christou, founder of Bathroom Goals offered these comments:

“We often refer to bathrooms as the ‘heart’ of a home, after all, they’re arguably the most important room in a property. This means that they deserve to be a real showpiece, something to enjoy and also a place in which we can relax and unwind. This is where these trends can help, and I hope they give some useful insights into what can be done to really improve a bathroom and make it the envy of family and friends.”

There’s a full breakdown of these trends available here, but the final point the Bathroom Goals team made with their recommendations is to always make sure any installation or renovation work is properly designed and fitted by qualified experts. This is because this can ensure that a bathroom doesn’t just look the part, but that it’ll be more hardwearing and will provide better value for money for homeowners in the long term.


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