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The World In Cushions

The cushion, is something that could make or break a room. You can literally put them in any room in the home, on your sofa, on your bed and even in the home office and I think sometimes they can get over looked, well here to put a stop to that is artist, designer and founder of The World in Cushions Antonia Atha.

After spending years daydreaming of far off places and then going off to visit them, Antonia decided to start her own brand which would tell the stories of her adventures. Then born was The world in Cushion. A woman that always had a passion for interior designing, that spent more than a decade working in the film industry creating and dressing sets for all different types of films and period dramas quickly learnt that even the smallest details put in to a design can help tell the biggest of all stories.

On her travels Founder Antonia found herself developing a love for all different kinds of fabrics. finding herself drawn to the local materials, native to the places she'd visit, she even started buy metres of the materials she would see and keep hold of them, of course leading to a rather large and stunning collection of fabrics over a number of years, knowing each ad every fabric had its own history, it had its own story personal to her.

The World in Cushion is a luxury cushion brand, bringing you cultural designs on some of the finest fabrics the from all over the world. With each piece just filled with history, tradition and incredible stories. Antonia says, 'These limited edition and responsibly sourced materials have the romance of travel woven through their very fabric. Whether hand crafted in the towering Himalayan highlands of Bhutan, the lush tropical savanna of Ghana, or the windswept Outer Hebrides, each cushion tells its own story, bringing the essence of distant shores and the tones of far off landscapes to your room.'

The brand boast 4 beautiful collections, Fabrics of Indonesia, Fabrics of Africa, Fabrics of Bhutan and the Harris Tweed Collection, all bring stunning culture filled cushions. You can get your hands on the luxury cushions from £39.00 head over to now and check out their latest collections.

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