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The world's easiest job; get paid to dress up.

1 shirt. 1 trouser. 1 pair of socks. 7 days of not doing anything. 500€ transferred to your bank account. The catch? You are required to wear the same outfit non-stop for all 7 days.

It’s been a long pandemic. You have gotten used to wearing sweatpants and showering less frequently. Does that sound like you or your spouse? Then there is a way to turn this negligence into cash money.

Because the most popular and easy job in the world was just posted on LinkedIn. You are given an outfit from Dutch technical menswear brand LABFRESH and all you have to do is wear it for 7 days in a row.

The most popular job in The Netherlands

It is quite untraditional, but it has not stopped it from going viral and becoming one of the most popular job openings on LinkedIn right now.

“We shared the job post Tuesday. When I checked it 2 days later we had 2283 applications. It’s by far the most popular job we ever posted” says LABFRESH cofounder Lotte Vink

The job description lists requirements such as “Demonstrated ability to neglect personal hygiene” and a “Limited passion for laundry and ironing”. And of course the role is “100% remote - you can literally work from your couch. In fact we highly encourage this.”

What is this all about?

LABFRESH shot into national fame when they participated in Dragon’s Den in The Netherlands in 2020. Since then they sold their stain, odour and wrinkle free menswear in 98 countries. All fabrics are developed from scratch and their research is partly funded by The European Union.

Are they for real?

It sounds a bit unserious. But apparently this Dutch startup takes field testing very seriously.

“We always keep the tone light and informal in our job posts. No matter if it’s for a Marketing Director or a field tester. I can assure you we are serious. So far we’ve logged more than 3,000 hours of field testing from 28 team members and loyal customers. Now we also want outsiders to join the party” says cofounder Lotte Vink.

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