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These are the strangest period myths from around the world

Yoppie, the pioneers of personalised, organic period care delivered through your letterbox, have compiled some of the weirdest, most wonderful and well, strange, myths about female menstruation from around the world.

Periods can be a pain, particularly if it’s your first one. So getting the right information and period care for you is an essential part of tackling your monthly menstruation. However, the following misconceptions and myths are probably the last thing you need to consider when getting your period and include everything from animal attacks, evil spirits, burying used period products and eating a whole hard-boiled egg.

The UK - Using tampons as a virgin will break the hymen and take your virginity. The United States - The odour or smell of menstruation can attract bears, so women should be especially careful when camping in the woods. India - Do not enter a kitchen or cook food for anyone. It’s dangerous due to being unclean and it will make food go bad. Israel - If you shower with hot water while on your period this will cause a heavy flow. Brazil - Walking barefoot while on your period can cause cramps. Argentina - Making whipped cream during your cycle should not be done as it will curdle. Mexico - Exercise while on your period can damage your uterus. Columbia - Consuming cold drinks will give you cramps. Poland - Having sex while on your period can kill your partner. Romania - Don't touch flowers as they will die quicker. Italy - Everything you cook will be a disaster. Japan - Do not make sushi as your period causes an imbalance in taste. Malaysia - Used pads or tampons need to be washed before disposal otherwise ghosts will haunt you. The Dominican Republic - While on your period it is dangerous to drink lemonade. Nepal - Avoid general contact with people. The Philippines - After your first period, you should wash your face with the menstrual blood in order to have clear healthy skin for life. France - You must not make mayonnaise as it will curdle Bolivia - It is important not to hug or cradle young babies as you could cause them to get ill. Afghanistan - Do not eat meat, rice, vegetables or sour foods and no drinking cold water, sitting on the wet ground or washing. No real explanation as to why. It’s also believed that taking a bath while on your period can make you infertile. Australia - Swimming on your period could result in a shark attack. Bangladesh - Old menstrual cloths must be buried otherwise they could attract evil spirits. Tanzania - If anyone else sees your menstrual cloth you could become cursed. Uganda - Menstruating women or girls must not drink milk from cows as they could contaminate the entire herd. Nigeria - If you burn your period products it can cause you health problems such as cancer and infertility. Ghana - When a girl gets her first period, she’s asked to eat a hard-boiled egg whole. If she doesn’t, or even if she only eats part of the egg, it’s considered bad luck for her future children.

Founder of Yoppie, Daniella Peri, commented: “There’s a trick to tackling your period successfully and it involves getting the right products and care to fit your unique time of the month. This sounds simple but so many women are still opting for a one product fits all approach with the cheapest tampons or pads they can find. This can not only harm their bodies, but standard non-organic period care is also incredibly bad for the environment and contains a whole heap of unnecessary toxins and plastic. By getting the right products for you, it’s easy to boss your period month in, month out and you don’t have to eat a single boiled egg or fear that you might curdle mayonnaise in the process.”

Who is Yoppie? Yoppie is on a mission to reduce the plastic waste created through period care products using 100% certified organic cotton products that are eco-friendly, biodegradable and ethically manufactured. Saving the planet isn’t Yoppie’s only focus, they’ve designed a lifestyle service that can be ordered online as a one-off or on a subscription basis and fits through your letterbox. As a result, you get the period care you need, when you need it, preventing a last-minute dash to the shops. Most importantly, Yoppie recognises period care isn’t a one product fits all approach. Your period is unique to you and Yoppie formulates personalised period care recommendations based on your specific cycle and product preferences. The right period care approach isn’t just about comfort, it’s about improving your personal wellbeing and overall health, receiving the right care for you and your period is an essential part of this. Yoppie’s has also set up a science-backed, jargon-free blog to help you understand everything about your period, how it can impact your body, and how to manage it. All of which is fact-checked by their scientific leadership board, including Dr Brooke Vandermolen.

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