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The Tech Review - X Series FUJIFILM X-T100

We teamed up with FUJIFILM for out first instalment in 'The Tech Review'. The guys at FUJIFILM sent us the 'X Series FIJUFILM X-T100. Firstly what I would say about this camera is that if your not knowledge up with camera's is is one to get. I found it was very simple to use.

Now if you head to the Fuji Film website and look at this camera it will specify it does / has the following;

  • Retro & Lightweight

  • Electronic Viewfinder

  • 3 Way Tilt LCD

  • Touchscreen Operation

  • Wireless Connectivity

  • 24M APS-C Sensor

  • 4K Burst Shooting

We set 2 people who aren't huge camera boff's to use this for a week, without issue they used it perfectly fine. As the week progressed they were learning about the features of the camera. They used the camera during many different outings, from sunsets to football matches they found this camera very easy to use. They were also impressed by the quality of the pictures. One feature that stood out for us is the 'Instant' transfer of the images from the camera to your phone. Once you had the Fuji App it took seconds to see the photos you had just taken appear on your mobile device. I feel that this is a huge extra is any 21st century gadget. People what to share their images instantly on social media and this give them the option to taken 'Professional looking' photos and upload them online within 90 seconds.

We set out to judge this camera on different aspects and rate it out of 5:

Design / Style: 4.5/5 - We can't really fault the camera's design much. The only thing we would question would be the neck strap design. We feel it should be more secure.

Photo Quality: 4.5/5 - Again not much we could fault, We did however find that 1 in every 10 -15 photos maybe slightly blurred during the blasts.

Simplicity: 5/5 - Nothing to fault here. Very easy to use. Couldn't make it simpler.

Value for money: 4/5 - This camera retails anywhere from £529.99 - £619.99. I believe this is one of the best cameras out there at the moment and I wouldn't expect to pay any less than £450.00 for me the price is slightly high but it is a very very good camera.

Overall: 4.5/5 - As we have stated before this camera is a very good camera and we would highly recommend looking at this if you are looking at testing this one when your are next purchasing a camera.


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