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Tom Daxon - Laconia

Tom Daxon is well known for the luxury fragrances they produce and they continue to uphold that reputation with the Laconia fragrance. Tom Daxon is what I would describe as a simplistic luxurious brand, by this i mean they dont produce fancy ad's they dont have a obscure style bottle but they keep their strong luxury reputation through the fragrances themselves.

The Laconia, is a very powerful aftershave, but not overpowering. What i would call an evening fragrance, something you would wear to a meal or a ball or to the London fashion week after party, you get where I am going with this, its a classy fragrance. Featuring Lemon, Bergamot, Orange, Mandarin, Water Mint, Green Violet Leaf, Jasmine, Sea Salt, Vetiver & Cardamom, it also gives that summery feeling too.

Packaged in the simplistic yet classic, clear bottle with the one plain white label design, it really is a true Tom Daxon fragrance. The outer packaging gives you that special feeling when opening the parcel, with the sophisticated blue colour and ribbon giving that luxurious feel to it.

Why not check out the Laconia over at


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