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Top Ten low cost Skinny Jeans For Men

In my latest article on your number one fashion magazine, I showcase the top pairs of skinny jeans available now at a bargain price point! Read on for more!

Skinny jeans have been popular for well over a decade, and the trend is showing no signs of fading, despite many ‘experts’ often stating they are well past their prime in the fashion world. The sleek silhouette around your legs is far more flattering to the figure than a loose, ill-fitting pair of denim.

As with all things, there is a wide variety of styles from different brands and different price tags to accompany them. In my latest article, I will be looking at skinny jeans that are much more friendly on the wallet!

High street stores and their website counterparts are a good starting point for any item of clothing boasting a cheaper price point. Alternatively, if you turn your attention online, you will find a vast and varied selection of skinny jeans which won’t break the bank. Top brands to take a look at are -

River Island

Topman (stocked by ASOS)




My top 10 pairs of low cost skinny jeans available now are -

River Island Black Skinny Fit Jeans

Every fashionable man needs a solid black pair of skinny jeans in his wardrobe; the simplistic yet effective style matches pretty much any outfit thrown at it, from casual to smart. River Island has ticked all the boxes with their take on this pair of classic denim. Buy Now

River Island Blue Skinny Fit Jeans

Complement your dark denim with a nice pair of medium blue jeans when you need to hit the mark in a more casual outfit. River Island has a good variety available, but I feel this pair has all the correct elements to be their number one - beautiful wash with just the right amount of details and distressing. Buy Now

River Island Blue Paint Splat Relaxed Skinny Jeans

Next up with a pair of skinny jeans designed to be worn slightly loose, featuring rips and paint splats for a more stand-out vibe! Ideal for those summer evenings out on the town! Buy Now

Topman Organic Rip And Repair Skinny Jeans In Washed Black

Another pair of black jeans is up next, albeit with a washed look to give that worn-in appearance. The combination of the faded colouring and the patched-up looking distressed holes gives off a cool and edgy vibe! Buy Now

Topman Organic Skinny Jeans In Ice Grey

Keep your cool during the summer heatwave with these ice grey skinny jeans from Topman! The off-white tone is gorgeous and is different from the endless black and blue pairs on the market. The knee rips make sure their vibe is gritty! Buy Now

Topman Organic Stone Skinny Jeans

If you are a fan of the neutral tones on clothing, the skinny beige jeans from Topman will undoubtedly pique your interest! Super clean with next-to-no distressing on show, and that sandy wash will keep your outfit on point during the summer (and even into the autumn!). Buy Now

Topman Organic Bleach Skinny Jeans

Another winning pair from Topman with their same classic skinny fit, but with a super bleached wash. This colour tone is ideally paired with basic yet effective clothing like a fitted black or white T-shirt or even a shirt with a pop of colour! Buy Now

BooHoo Skinny Multi Rip Cargo Jeans

BooHoo is always pushing the line with their range of clothing; this pair of skinny cargo jeans are unique - offering a bold and bright blue wash, combined with the additional cargo side pockets, make for an interesting item to add to your wardrobe! Buy Now

BooHoo Vintage Wash Skinny Fit Jeans

Jeans with an almost green tinge look the part but are very often difficult to pair in an outfit (except the basics of white and black); even so, BooHoo has released a fantastic pair of skinny jeans in this exact hue. Give them a try if you are looking for something with a different colour palette from the norm. Buy Now

BooHoo Skinny Stretch Jean With Distressing

Finally, we have another pair of skinny jeans from BooHoo, a dark navy wash with a heavy run of rips and distressing down the left leg - almost smart in appearance, but with an edge thanks to the wear and tear design. Buy Now