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Trident Fitness

When coming to selecting gym wear you need to make sure it's practical for what your fitness aims are, If your go to the gym for cardio, you want wear what's going to enable you to move freely, shorter shorts tend to be the trend with a fitted tee, if your going to muscle gain you want fitness apparel thats not going to rip or split as your muscles grow. Without going to the huge brands sometimes its hard to get a brand that will fit your needs. Well theres one brand you should know about, Trident Fitness and this is a brand with an incredible story too.

The brand Trident Fitness is a story of two British hero's, although they probably wouldn't use that term themselves that is how the rest of Britain would see them. Oliver and Tom founders of Trident Fitness have both served in the forces for their Country. Oliver spent 13 years deployed across the globe in the British Army and became a Sergeant in the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers (REME) and Tom joined after leaving school and spent over 5 years deployed in many countries as an armourer in REME.

During their time serving both brothers gained huge traits including bravery and life-skills. When it come to leaving there timeserving there nation they knew they needed to do something that would capture their true passion. Speaking open and honestly the paid say leaving the Army had a major impact on their mental health which the brothers admit ,'was tested by people’s comments and the stress of the unknown'. So they turned their focus to running four marathons and four half-marathons Oliver has a core belief that strong physical ability can lead to a strong mental capacity. From facing a lot of negativity after leaving the army Tom now wants to help anyone who may be struggling see that anything is possible. Just this alone shows why we should be supporting our service men and women even more so when they leave the service.

It was these two bothers with a team that persevered using experiences in building strength and confidence in people that founded Trident Fitness the future for fitness apparel. The brand embraces an ethos, 'That the whole team stand by to help you achieve ultimate physical health and mental well-being'. The brand boasts a wide range of garment for men and women, including T-shirts, hoodies, jackets and even base layers for keeping warm on those winter workouts. All made from quality fabrics that are going to help you hit those fitness goals.

The are many reasons why you should check out Trident Fitness so what are you waiting for? You can head over now and checkout the full collections for the Hero Brothers and his team

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