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UK surge for Beckham styles at Turkish hair loss clinic

Following Netflix’s Beckham breaking records with a viewing total of 3.8 million, Turkey’s leading international hair loss clinic, Estenove, has seen an influx of UK clients flying in especially to request the footballer’s 90’s styles.


With a year that saw them gain more than 100 new patients per month across 2023, Estenove has become Europe’s go-to destination for those seeking hair restoration procedures, treating 3,000 patients from across the world at their state-of-the-art clinic in Istanbul, with 50% of its patients now coming from the UK.

The growing reputation of Istanbul as the global capital of the hair transplant, offering world-class standards of treatment along with the prices which are a fraction of the cost of western clinics, sees Estenove charging £2750 for a full procedure, including flights, hotel and medication, compared to up to £8,000 in the UK.


Estenove Co-founder, Batuhan Kizilcan, says “Hairstyles go in trends and currently there is only one name on our client’s lips: David Beckham. The Netflix documentary has reminded a generation of his style icon status and introduced him to a new one. Since the programme was released, more and more men have been coming into our clinic asking for a Beckham-style hairline. The style that people most want to achieve seems to be the 90s classic curtain haircut that Beckham sported for many years. The good news is that the microscope technique we use to examine whether donor follicles will take successfully and generate new hair is increasing the quality of hair transplants all the time, offering up to 90% success rate.”


The pioneering Nove MIC system examines and classifies graft hair follicles collected from the donor site, normally the back of the head. The system is used to analyse the number of hair follicles, minimising the risk of graft failure which enables better results.


The clinic’s remit also includes hair, beard and eyebrow transplants, and treats both men and women.


Beckham’s celebrity rise in the mid-90’s began the fascination with the footballer’s evolving styles; incorporating an edginess to his hair that has resurfaced among UK patients looking to sport a touch of nostalgia combined with modern aesthetics.


Kizilcan saysIt has been speculated that Beckham may have had a hair transplant himself, though he has never confirmed this. Men around the age of 45 come to us with his pictures; he’s very inspirational and seems to motivate middle-aged men to regain a healthy, natural appearance. While it’s up to our clients how they style or colour their new hair, there are different choices to make about how the hairline is rebuilt using donor follicles taken from the back of the head, so we can certainly help people who want the Beckham look.”

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