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Unleashing Full-Body Potential: The Spirit B52 All-in-One Home Gym Revolution

In the dynamic realm of fitness, innovation has a new name—the Spirit B52. An advanced evolution from the revered Raptor F22 power rack, the B52 seamlessly integrates five unique training systems into a single, versatile unit. This all-in-one home gym is a powerhouse, combining a Smith machine, power rack, cable pulley system, multi-grip pull-up bar, and 360° landmine, delivering unparalleled flexibility for users of all skill levels.

Five Training Systems in One

1. Power Rack: The B52's power rack is the heart of this multifaceted machine, catering to both free weight and Smith machine exercises. Crafted with 2x3 inch, 14-gauge steel, it guarantees sturdiness for all fitness enthusiasts.

2. Smith Machine: The Smith machine component offers a safer, more isolated fixed-track exercise mode, perfect for users seeking precision in their workouts.

3. Cable Pulley System: Boasting a dual cable pulley with a 2:1 ratio, the functional trainer supports over 80 training movements, allowing for effective targeting of smaller muscle groups.

4. Multi-Grip Pull-up Bar: A versatile addition for comprehensive upper body workouts, the multi-grip pull-up bar adds diversity to your training routine.

5. 360° Landmine: The landmine attachment opens up a world of rotational exercises, enhancing core strength and overall body stability.

Over 80 Training Movements

The B52's thoughtful design enables users to perform over 80 different movements, covering the entire spectrum of full-body workouts. From chest and shoulders to arms, back, glutes, legs, and core, it's your all-encompassing fitness solution.

Dual Cable Pulley for Multi-Person Workouts

Perfect for home gyms shared by fitness enthusiasts, the independent dual cable pulleys allow two individuals to use the system simultaneously without interference. The 2:1 pulley ratio is particularly effective for functional training and targeting smaller muscle groups.

Adjustable Holes for Diverse Users

With 14 adjustment holes on the columns, 17 on the ropes, and 10 on the Smith machine, the B52 accommodates a wide range of users, offering flexibility for various exercises.

Rich Array of Accessories

The B52 doesn't stop at the basics. It comes with four free cable pulley system handles and opens the door to a range of purchasable accessories, allowing users to customize their home gym experience.

Addressing User Concerns

Concerned about upgrades? The B52 introduces a Smith machine, while retaining the solid foundation of the F22 power rack with minor enhancements. Notably, the adjustable Big Foot Plate adds a new dimension to user experience, catering to various exercises and heights.

Value-Oriented Design

The Spirit B52 is not just about functionality; it offers great value. A staggering 56% of users prioritize value, and the B52 delivers with improved quality and sturdiness.

The Spirit B52 transcends the ordinary, offering a revolutionary all-in-one home gym experience. Elevate your fitness journey with the power of versatility and innovation—choose the Spirit B52.

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Product Specifications


2x3 inches, 14 gauge steel (50x70mm, 1.98mm thickness)


Width x Depth x Height: 78.8"W x 65.3"D x 82.5"H (2001.52mm x 1658.62mm x 2095.5mm)

Internal Width

42.7" (1084.58mm)

Internal Depth


Product Weight


Safety Arm Adjustment Positions


Safety Arm Hole Diameter


Safety Arm Hole Spacing


Lowest Safety Arm Hole from the Ground


Highest Safety Arm Hole from the Ground


Cable Pulley System Adjustment Positions


Cable Hole Diameter


Cable Hole Spacing


Lowest Cable Hole from the Ground


Highest Cable Hole from the Ground


Cable Pulley Ratio


J-Hook Weight Capacity


Dip Bar Weight Capacity


Pull-up Bar Weight Capacity


Pulley System Weight Capacity


Safety Arm Static Weight Capacity)


Weight Plate Storage Capacity


Smith Machine Adjustment Positions


Smith Machine Bar Weight Capacity




Lowest Position from the Ground


Highest Position from the Ground