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Want to be a tech boss? Get the right skills for a great career in tech with Ironhack

Ironhack, the international tech school, now has a remote offering and a London team available to career-changers moving into tech. Ironhack bootcamps empower students to find meaningful careers in four key areas: Web Development, UX/UI Design, Data Analytics and Cyber Security by offering immersive learning experiences.

Ironhack was one of the first bootcamp schools in Europe, founded in 2013 to disrupt the way students learn about technology, and now has ten campuses in Europe and the US. Offering remote learning, all courses can be conducted from anywhere in the UK, but the London base has an active community as well as regular events for students, alumni and the wider tech community to meet and connect in person.

Ironhack bootcamps offer students an effective alternative to studying a BSc, because they offer learn-by-doing methodology in just nine weeks, as opposed to committing to a three-year course. Students get hands-on experience working on live projects from day one and the chance to build connections with other students. Plus, dedicated career teams are available throughout the course to help students progress, connect to future employers and find a job.

Students finish Ironhack programmes with a new way of thinking and of approaching problems. The bootcamps are predominantly targeted at those aged 25-34 but are suitable for all adults. They are ideal for those wanting to learn to code and arm themselves with the right skills for a career in tech, or for those looking for a career change into tech, or to upskill current employees/business owners who want to remain relevant as the world of work moves on.

Gabriel Pizzolante, UK Growth Marketer at Ironhack, comments: “We have over 10,000 graduates from our bootcamps and we have over 80% placement rate into tech careers for our students, meaning we have the expertise to arm people with the skills they need to succeed. I joined the company to spearhead Ironhack’s growth in the UK, starting with the opening of our London base earlier this year. We can see huge potential for London as a startup hub but this is constrained by access to tech talent and we want to help unlock that potential.

“We are on a mission to empower people to get jobs in tech and we partner with companies to help underrepresented groups get the opportunities they need. For example, we know we need more women in tech, so we offer 10% off courses to anyone who identifies as female.”

Courses last 9 weeks full time, or 24 weeks part time. Students can access funding through partners; use credit to pay for the course offset against future earnings, or use Knoma, StepEx, Lendwise or Student Finance. To find out more, visit


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