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Wellness Retreats That are Perfect For Solo Travellers

  • At just £5,405 you can completely shut off from the world at The Ranch in Malibu

  • Chiva-Som in Thailand is one of the most expensive wellness resorts, however, it offers the most relaxing and rejuvenating programmes

  • Depending on how you want to recharge, you can stay at Soul & Surf, where you can surf your way to better fitness

Chiva-Som in Thailand

For a solo traveller looking for the picture-perfect wellness resort then they don’t need to look any further. Although the price is slightly higher than the others on this list (the price for 7 nights is £6,938), they can relax in one of the most calming resorts. Classes are available from aqua to kick-boxing, but it does provide many other spa treatments and massages throughout the day.

The Ranch in Malibu

There’s nothing better than finding yourself being at one with nature and having nothing to distract you. For solo travellers who are looking to get some time away from their busy world, then The Ranch is the perfect place for them. You can spend a week here and feel completely rejuvenated from the world. At just £5,405 for a week, the price is well worth it.

SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain

This is the ultimate escape for solo holidaymakers. During this retreat, you will learn how to improve your health, whilst enjoying the benefits of this medispa. You can break old bad habits, and feel more in control of your everyday life. This is a retreat where you can truly reflect on yourself. At £5,301 for 7 nights, you’ll come out feeling refreshed and like a new person.

Sensei Lāna‘i Resort in Hawaii

You can enjoy the several different fitness classes they do here, from meditation, yoga, hiking, plus so much more. If you just want to relax there are also several spa treatments available as well. You can discuss your nutrition, mindset or fitness goals here. So if you’re looking for a full-body splurge then it’s worth every penny. From £4,146 for 7 nights you can achieve your goals when you focus on yourself at this wellness retreat!

Vana Malsi Estate in India

This was once proclaimed as the most life changing retreat and is still hugely popular. This retreat tailors your programme to match your needs, so it focuses entirely on you. You can choose from Ayurvedic, Chinese medicine and Tibetan Healing, or a combination of all three and any treatment you get will make a huge difference. From £3,600 for 7 nights, it really is worth it.


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