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Ditch that disposable mask and get a re-usable one... it's way more stylish!

With it becoming mandatory to wear a face-mask on public transport, just how long is it gong to be until it's extended to shops and when they reopen maybe even bars (when you're not taking a sip of your G&T). So we've compiled together some of the most stylish face masks on the internet because lets face it you might be wearing them for a while yet and noone wants to be walking around with an ugly piece of cloth on their face.

Our first pick is from online mask brand Mayer Man. The brand has a huge range of stylish face masks but we've gone for a more subtle stylish mask. The indigo cotton denim fashion mask. This mask would set you back just £12.00.

This mask has a duo appear with the street style design which is also Eco friendly and super comfortable to wear. This Mask has a 3-Layer design features soft Cotton Voile for comfort and protection with a built in pocket for a disposable filter insert.

Our next pick is the Cosmos Effusion Cotton Mask from Womens fashion designer Isabel Manns. You can pick this one up for just £12.0, with all profits from the sale going to the NHS. The mask has a lining with gap in the lining so that you can place a piece of filter fabric inside and elastic ear loops.

Our 3rd choice is this simplistic but still stylish Eco face Mask from Eco Swim. This face mask is available in 8 different colours, and made from recycled ocean waste. Meaning you're helping to support the environment with every purchase!

Boasting a unisex appeal this mask is priced at only £5.99 putting it at one of the lowest costing stylish masks on the market right now. So you'd better head over to now and get yours ordered in.

This next one if from Fashion brand Just Hype this fashionable mask is the HYPE Adult Colour splat face mask priced at just £9.99 and is for both men and women. Design with the iconic splat print in a rainbow of colours know to Just Hype wearers.

The mask has a Earloop design as well as being comfortable and easy to wear.

Keeping you safe in style .

Our 5th choice comes from Old Navy Probably one of the best value mask's online as you dont just get 1, you get 5! The Variety 5-Pack of Triple-Layer Cloth Face Masks for Adults is just $12.50 meaning each mask is just $2.50! With many different designs available you could get one for the whole family in just one purchase. Head over now to avoid missing out.

Our 6th and final choice is the Limited Edition - TOKKOU Japanese Denim Face Mask with Logo from fashion brand Tokkou. This mask is one of the high end masks with it retailing at £65.00 but guaranteed to leave you looking stylish.

You can wear this mask over and over again (whilst washing it). Japanese denim is the outermost fabric on the mask, providing an extremely attractive aesthetic. The lining of the mask is constructed from TORAY MACSPEC, an antibacterial, fabric technology.

Thats it, thats our 6 carefully selected for you! Now get yourself one ordered before everyone panic buys 50 each and theres none left for anyone else... they could be coming mandatory when leaving the house very soon.

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